32 reviews about Arya Indian Restaurant

11 Jun 2020

Arya is the best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne! Amazing food and great friendly staff. Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka are my families favourite. Lovely and clean with second to none customer service.

26 Oct 2018

Garlic Naan and Butter Chicken - AMAZING!
Lovely shop, friendly staff, sweet flavors and fresh. All round yummy.
May be a little more to pay in comparison but worth it.
Thank you Arya

Approximate cost: $16

17 Sep 2018

Our Family visited Arya Restaurant. The Food was Superb, the waitress was so helpful and friendly. would recommend this restaurant to all.

17 Aug 2017

The best Indian restaurant i have ever been too! The place is meticulously clean with happy vibrant staff. The food is heavenly and aromatic!

27 Jun 2017

Fresh, vibrant dishes coupled with friendly service make this one to return to. Well worth seeking out if you are in the area.

28 Apr 2017

The place has continued to maintain their standard. Service and Food is amazing. I have moved but still feel it is worth the drive even for a take away. Love the Balti Lamb and Butter Chicken.

27 Apr 2017

The food and service is excellent. The place is clean and staff were fantastic. Love the chicken 65. Balti curry is simply the best.

16 Jan 2016

this is a lovely very clean restaurant. the staff are lovely.
we had the banquet. the entrees were yum the butter chicken was great the only issue was the meat was tough in the other 2 curries. still very good restaturant.

29 Jan 2015

Overall disappointing experience after reading positive reviews my family were looking forward to a lovely takeaway dinner. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. The only positive was the Nann bread Which Was Soft And flakey. The Raita (yoghurt) accompaniment was very watery . The onion Bhaji entree were burnt and very hard. They ended up in the bin where they belonged. A restaurant that respects their customers would never have allowed them to leave the kitchen.The chicken curry was Lacking that authentic Indian flavour. Being a little more expensive than many other Indian Restaurants I would have expected much better quality and taste.

Approximate cost: $16.00

27 Oct 2013

My favourite Local Restaurant
Great place. Just tried the Balti Lamb dish and the Chicken 65. You guys never seem to amaze me. Keep up the good food.

Approximate cost: $15.5

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