5 reviews about Caffe Primo

21 Nov 2013

Went here for girls night recently and had the chicken caesar salad, A bowl of wedges to share and of course the free pancake :)
The salad wasn't anything special and I was very disappointed with the cold egg. I enjoyed the chicken and the dressing was beautiful.
I was glad that we had the wedges to fill me up also.
The pancake was a great end as per usual

Upthere4u 28 Nov 2013 · 90% Trust

We dine there occasionally and have always had good service and great food!

08 Sep 2011

Went recently on Fathers Day, place was packed but staff were friendly and efficient. Couldn't believe how quick we got our meals in such a busy place! Pancakes were great too. Really surprised by the service. Fantastic.

Approximate cost: $15.90

09 Aug 2010

Went there for lunch with my partner the other week, it was quick service and the meals were great. Great price and great quantity of meal, also got a complimentary garlic bread which was lovely

16 Aug 2008

We ordered our meal sat down before we knew it we had our meal. Very good service and friendly very nice enjoyed it very much. we live nearby so it was very handy for us and quick service was great too.

Approximate cost: $10

14 May 2008

Very pleasant. Staff look very professional both in presentation and service. Value for money, but the steak menu seems a bit pricey though. Food is always as ordered, and well presented.

Approximate cost: $16.90

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