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9 reviews about Carrum Pet Care

18 Aug 2013

Very efficient, Always have your puppy ready when they say they will, My pooch always looks and smells great. She is very happy to go there and is always jumping around excited to see everyone. Make it easier on us.

22 Jan 2013

great service! easy to get to, drop off and pick up later, a lovely girl, treats my poodle as her own! a very happy 'clean' doggy when I pick her up!

Approximate cost: $50

09 Feb 2011

EMMA/the owner is a lovely and caring person
The service is good and the way she handles pet and clients
Can only recommend and I take my 2 pooches on regular basis
Thanks for a good service with a smile!

Approximate cost: $50

20 Jan 2011

Their service is excellent, as is their work and attention to detail, and they treat my puppies so well. :)

27 Jul 2010

What an amazing experience to have such excellent service. Happy, friendly,professional and great work at a reasonable cost.I used to have my dogs nails clipped at the vet, this young lady has no trouble. We love it.

Approximate cost: $50.00

06 Jun 2009

I have been using Carrum Pet Care for my dog's grooming for almost two years now. I am always happy to see my dogs looking really good and smelling so nice.
Staffs are caring & very friendly. I highly recommend it to all. They are the best!!!

Approximate cost: $50.00

27 Jan 2009

I've used Carrum pet care many times and find the staff very knowledgeable and my dog is happy to walk through the doors.
She looks good and smells good after the treatment

Approximate cost: $50

27 Apr 2008

my pug was groomed there at a great price she came home smelling wonderful and looking great. She has never come home with fleas. I would recommend anybody to try Carrum pet care out.

04 Jan 2008

I used Carrum pet care for the first time about 3 weeks ago.. I thought that the staff were fantastic and the quality of work was outstanding.. My only problem was that my dog came back with fleas then again nothing that a little exelpet can't fix!!

Approximate cost: $49.00

snazzy 05 Feb 2008 · 40% Trust

i have been going to carrum pet care for 10 yrs. my dogs have never come home with fleas . dogs dont interact with otherdogs there to get fleas. the shop is always clean and the dogs use seperate towels and etc. i would say your dog was riddle in fleasgoing there. and with a flea rinse there it wont kill all fleas eitheir will exelpet. try advantage or frontline. Groomers there take alot of pride into there grooming and care into the dogs.

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