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14 Jun 2012

Since purchasing my Peugeot 307 from City Peugeot back in 2003 I can say that overall they did a wonderful job with my vehicle which has had done over 160,000 km (two major services).

Because I am a regular there I have gotten to know the staff there including the big service manager where he has helped me with a purchase of a second hand Peugeot 307 that was on sale in a private car dealer by providing me with the service records of that particular vehicle.

They are not cheap nor are they expensive however it is the attention to the minor details is what sets them above others where now my two Peugeots are being serviced by them.

09 Jun 2011

I took my car to City Peugeot for its first service, I was greated warmly,quoted on the service,given a tram ticket to go shopping,called when it was ready and when I picked it up at the time organised my car was sparkling clean as it had washed and vacuumed. The cost of service was in keeping with a Peugeot, slightly higher than my old car but the value in the honest and friendly service more than made up for it.
Thank you City Peugeot, I will be back.

Approximate cost: $305.00

24 Mar 2010

The car is fine but the service here sucked BIG TIME. Seemed to take three phone calls and four emails to arrange ANYTHING, and despite the fact that I was spending quite a bit on a new car they were not interested in accommodating me at all. The first time I went in there to see a car (with an appointment) they hadn't bothered to get the car on site! Then they refused to bring the car to me. The price was right though, so in the end I bought here - but they didn't offer car mats, window tinting or all the other little bits that you might expect from a specialist dealer. And they were inconvenient as all get-out to find, get to and park.

06 Mar 2008

Service very good, seem honest with their advice, what's required for your car, always clean your car inside and out when you take it in, they offer lift to work or tram ticket. Only real disadvantage is high cost of servicing - seems $500 is a very cheap service; typically seems about $700.

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