14 reviews about Decks Seafood & Steak Restaurant

19 Jul 2011

We came here for an evening meal. The seafood was very fresh and presented well. Staff were efficient and friendly. Prices were standard. Views from the restaurant were beautiful. Would dine here again.

Approximate cost: $38

28 Jul 2010

my fiancee and i went to decks last weekend, i can not say enough good things about the experience we had. from the moment we sat down i found the service was fantastic, the food was beautifully presented and tasted perfect. we eat out at many different restaurants but decks would have to be one of the best we have tried. i would defiantly be back.

28 Jul 2010

Very good service, food was fantastic, very well presented and very big portion. I love the atmosphere such a beautiful location for a restaurant. i will definatly be back!

Approximate cost: $35-45

25 Jun 2010

The service was okay but could have been better. They seemed to 'forget' our table as meals took about an hour to come out. Okay, but I probably won't come back again.

10 Jun 2010

The view from the outer deck is quite nice. The food was ok, however it took a long time to come out. The staff were ok.

08 Jun 2010

Lovely atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating. Service is okay - meals took a while to come to the table. Prices are reasonable.

16 May 2010

The service was great, and the atmosphere was great but we were disappointed by the food. I paid $40 for a seafood plate, and I really didn't expect it to be deep fried! (I went back and read the menu, and it does say this, but I was expecting something more that what I got...) When I looked around, I noticed that many of the seafood dishes were deep fried. It wasn't what I expected from a seafood restaurant. Everything tasted ok, but wasn't worth what we paid for it.

Approximate cost: $30-45

09 Mar 2010

Pretty good place to eat. Usually quite busy on the weekends though. Really nice atmosphere and the meals are a good size and arrive timely. I like that their menu changes throughout the year to showcase local produce.

31 Jan 2010

Great friendly service, casual relaxed dining with some nice food. Presentation of food excellent. Although one time I made a booking but they didn't seem to have any record of it. Was able to be seated nonetheless. Enjoyed eating here.

07 Jan 2010

Staff are friendly and there is a lovely atmosphere we even had a frill neck lizard join us for lunch! Food is high quality and good portion sizes for a great price. Service is fast and friendly.

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