8 reviews about Domino's Pizza

14 Jan 2013

Dominos here in Hervey Bay are pretty good with their pizzas and service. The pizzas are genuinely good. Sometimes they have been not as hot as they should. And the generosity with their toppings and sauces vary. Overall the pizzas are delicious. Also to note. I am gluten sensitive and there is an option to have the pizza base gluten free. There is no difference in the taste between the normal base (gluten) and the gluten free. When getting delivery the time it takes for the pizza order to arrive is fast. The staff are always friendly and cooperative.

18 Oct 2011

great deal pizza is quit delicious, just a quick fix for when u being lazy, some great deals, fast delivery

Approximate cost: $20

05 Jul 2011

I love this pizzas specially Ham and Cheese Value Pizza. I like desserts also..I like their sauce. But it would be better if its more hot... my family enjoyed well there.

Approximate cost: $50

06 Jun 2011

The Domino's Pizza website is very easy to use and you can track your order so you know when to pick up. It is so easy to be able to order and custom design your pizza at home.
Great pizzas for the money spent for those lazy nights when you don't want to cook or dine out and it is even better when you can create your own toppings.

Approximate cost: $9.00

10 Aug 2010

Great tasting unhealthy food but i cant resist it. fast delivery options to your door with little to no faults on order as apposed to other fast food take aways.

Approximate cost: $8

04 Sep 2008

we decided to order at home, but we waiting an hour and a half for our pizza, rang twice to find out where they were, and 3 hours and a half later the pizza arrived but was cold and were the wrong pizzas!! not ordering again!

19 Aug 2008

i enjoy their pizzas because of great taste and virity of pizzas, i like the garlic bread as well it tastes great with coke to wash it down.they also have a good selection for deserts such as fudge chocalate and sauce dips mmm i want some now! ill have too calll them up

Approximate cost: $16.00

27 May 2008

Pizzas have always been accurate, but every now and then the pizza base has been ordinary. no problems in getting the pizza remade and the staff are always polite over the phone and in person

Approximate cost: $10

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