7 reviews about Doo Ri Restaurant Korean BBQ

04 May 2014

my family and I went to try this korean bbq restaurant that is so conveniently located next to strathfield station. The awesome aroma of the food welcomes you right at the door. The restaurant itself is disappointing in terms of how nice it is from the inside but the bbq and the food are really good and prices are very acceptable

25 Jul 2012

This is my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant in Strathfield. The best way to eat korean BBQ is with lettuce a bit of rice and the bean paste.I want to recommend the Bulgogi .

em11 25 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust


05 Sep 2011

The staff and restaurant owners are ever so friendly. I like beef ribs - one of the best beef dishes I ever had. All in all the food is top notch, coupled with the friendly service, Doo Ri is a great experience and a must try Korean restaurant.

22 Mar 2010

This restaurant provides better Korean food with good value comparing with other Korean restaurants near Strathfield or in Sydney. However, it just takes time to make an order. I repeated 3 times to order a teriyaki chicken. Their waiters should improve their services by improving their oral English.

05 Nov 2009

If only I lived in NSW, I would come here all the time. I visited with a group of 8 others and even though we hadn't booked the staff were extremely accommodating. The food was delicious and extremely well priced - the best Korean I have ever had. My only problem was that a lot of the menu was in Korean only, and the young waiter had limited English - but this served to make the night more entertaining!

03 Jul 2009

Probably the best value Korean BBQ I have been to, they also have a wide variety of other dishes, and we loved the variety of the small side dishes that come with rice (which they kept topping up!) We ended up spending $15-20 per person both times we came, whereas previously we had spent more than $20 pp for korean BBQ.

22 May 2008

Best value and quality Korean BBQ restaurant in Strathfield, and considering Strathfield is Sydney's Korea-town that's saying a lot! We got a BBQ combination platter, which was piled high with marinated beef, pork and chicken, well worth the $48. Plus a couple of extra dishes and all the complimentary side dishes and we definitely had way too much food to feed 4 people. Still only cost us $17 a head though.

Approximate cost: $10-20

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