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19 Jun 2015

I purchased 2 memory foam mattresses from them at a very good price, compared to what's in the shops and what Tempur sells. The mattresses are comfortable, and although they only come in a medium/firm category, you can easily use a mattress topper if you want your mattress to have a bit of a soft top. The topper won't impace the support of the memory foam. It's comfortable, and you feel less movement when one person gets out or in, much better than conventional mattresses. It's very comparable to Tempur at a fraction of the cost.

01 May 2014

We'dbeen stewing about getting a new mattress for ages. We scoured the net, lay on mattresses in stores - the full thing. Latex? Inner spring? Memory Foam? Which one would be most comfortable, most sturdy? We'd had a hospital experience with memory foam and liked it, though we wanted something a little more giving for sleep on the side. Looking for memory foam on the net, we came across Ergoflex. The site is tremendously informative. Specifications are thorough. we liked the price, too. And the mattress having arrived, we love the feel of it. But the most amazing aspect of the transaction has been the customer service. Matthew White's email and mobile phone response to an array of queries has been outstanding. We had lots of detailed questions about bases etc. and all were answered thoroughly and promptly - and with great friendliness. an excellent business!

Ergoflex 01 May 2014

Thank you for taking the time to review our products and service. We are delighted to read that your experience with Ergoflex has been so positive.

30 Apr 2014

The mattress bought from ERGO arrived in an interesting package, vacuum sealed and squashed. It unfurled in an amusing way. It is an excellent mattress, and so comfortable. Really good value for what it feels like. We've had people sleep on this and they've mentioned (unprompted) how comfortable the mattress is.

Also, the service was wonderful. They request feedback, when signing up for warranty (which is 10 years!!) and when provided, they respond to any concerns.

Have been recommending this to everyone, and will continue to do so. :)

Approximate cost: $1000

justjen 30 Apr 2014 · 60% Trust

I just want to add, that it has now been 8 months since we got this mattress, and it is still awesome - no honeymoon gushing here.

Ergoflex 01 May 2014

Thank you for taking the time to review your mattress and also for your follow up. We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your mattress and that you are sleeping so well. We'd be grateful if you could send a quick email to so that we can match you to a name on our database so that we can contact you ad thank you personally. Many thanks.

12 Feb 2014

Have now had this mattress for about 6 weeks now.It is by far the best we have bought so far.Comfort level very good and at last a mattress that wont form a ridge through the centre like most pillow top queen mattresses. Quite impressed thank you.

Approximate cost: $900

Ergoflex 21 Mar 2014

Thank you for your review and for your positive feedback on our mattresses and service.

11 Jan 2014

Excellent product and excellent customer service. The delivery was delayed due to a problem with the courier company. Ergoflex not only promptly contacted the courier company to find out what had happened to the delivery but telephoned me several times during the day until it arrived.

I love the mattress. I do not find it hard as suggested by other online reviews (perhaps my previous mattress was harder than most) and have not found it overly hot.

We have also found that our backs feel better in the morning after sleeping on the ergoflex. We went away for a week and both missed the mattress!

Overall, very happy with my purchase and the service.

Ergoflex 21 Mar 2014

Thank you for reviewing your new Ergoflex mattress. We were pleased to hear that you are sleeping well. Naturally we were disappointed regarding the delivery issues encountered. Please accept our apologies for this.

04 Jan 2014

very happy Ergoflex mattress owner - we have bought several for ourselves and for relatives. Very comfortable and better sleep.

Ergoflex 21 Mar 2014

Thank you for reviewing Ergoflex and for your positive feedback below.

14 Dec 2013

Comfortable sleeps and No sore back in the morning. Price is reasonable and you get good value for money.

Approximate cost: $700

Ergoflex 21 Mar 2014

Thank you for reviewing Ergoflex. We were pleased to read that your new mattress has helped you sleep better.

13 Dec 2013

Finally we find our dream mattress!

We are light sleepers and for years have slept in separate beds due to 'partner disturbance'. Two years ago we spent a considerable amount of money on a big brand name coil mattress and was told by the salesperson that this would solve all our problems. But no, we could still feel each other move around, despite it being a firm mattress and so it was off to separate rooms again. Not only that, but the springs inside this expensive mattress resonated your breathing and even your heartbeart making getting to sleep and staying asleep such a mission, it was driving me crazy!

Finally I did some research and find out about the Ergoflex... even though it felt strange to order a mattress without physically trying it out (especially with how much problems we have had), I had confidence from the thousands of positive reviews online. We were not disappointed, this is exactly what we have been looking for. I wish we had found out about Ergoflex sooner.

It is such a pleasure to sleep on, it gives your whole body a weightless sensation from the complete support. Even after just laying on it for 10 minutes, when I get up I feel so heavy... I would compare it to the feeling you get when you exit a swimming pool.

The most important factor for me is the complete lack of movement. My wife and I can once again share the same bed and sleep soundly to morning without disturbing each other at all. The fact that there are no springs inside means there are no horrible resonating sounds with every movement or breath...

Truly amazing !

Approximate cost: $1099

11 Dec 2013

after the initial shock of the small box arriving - "you can't possibly fit a mattress in that!" - it's been excellent. even the cautionary words on forums scarcely applied (the smell, etc, virtually insignificant). very comfortable and easy to sleep on, and of course very satisfying to take on the tempur monopoly and undercut them so well

08 Dec 2013

Davide answered my questions very patiently. The product is quite firm as I wanted. The mattress protector is very good. Strongly advise to get on if you buy the mattress. Overall, I am satisfied what I got.

Approximate cost: $1200

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