6 reviews about Fasta Pasta

07 Mar 2014

Have been here a couple of times recently for a fast meal. The service is always pleasant; there was one problem with an order where I was brought the wrong dish (I had to return it as the one that came had chilli, and I was sharing with my toddler), they took the dish away without too much fuss and brought out a fresh meal. I think it might have been due to noise levels when ordering, it can get pretty busy in here.

When it's really busy you do have to line up, but they get through the line pretty quickly, and you don't have to wait too long for the food. When it's quiet, the food is quite quick.

Overall a steady, dependable restaurant. The food is always a good standard and the service has never been bad.

Approximate cost: $12.00

11 Sep 2013

i am a big fan of pasta meals and would definately recommend this place to anyone who is also a lover of pasta, awesome service, friendly staff which are always smiling, and fabulous prices :) definately worth every cent :)

28 Aug 2013

im not a big pasta lover and was in two minds when going here for tea but will say i was very suprised at how good the pasta was, pricing was good and i loved the soup i had also, found the servings to be very generous and a great family atmosphere will be taking my family back again in the near future

03 Jul 2013

Love the new specials and the food is always great and good value. the service is always good and fast. i will be differently coming back and letting the family no.

26 Jun 2009

had a good time ther...people are friendly and had a good atmosphere.Meals are freash and of good taste.loved the expeirence.will definetly go the next time

Approximate cost: $20

22 May 2008

its always such a great dining experience here for us, wheather its just me and my partner or even if the family comes along too. the meals are always hot and fresh here, never have to wait very long, you are greeted at the door, there are always enough tables there are even booths at the place. order childrens meal and they get free soft drink and a free ice cream. very worth it

Approximate cost: $15.00

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