14 reviews about Fish & Feather

08 Sep 2013

This pet store is huge. The prices are a bit expensive and some of the stock is quite dusty as though its been sitting around for ages but its a great place to take the kids to show them all the animals. They have lots of reptiles and spiders etc. The variety is fantastic. The staff are friendly but you often have to approach one for assistance.

Jojomo 08 Jan 2015 · 100% Trust

I have a friend out that way and will tell them about this place.

17 Aug 2013

This pet shop is located in kilsyth. It has everything you can possibly need for your pets, just a bit pricy. Great place just to take the kids to look around.

15 Aug 2013

One of the best pet shops I've been to and bought from. They have everything you could want. Also a good place to take your kids just for a look around... Highly tecommended

15 Aug 2013

Very large shop with lots available, from snakes to puppies. The kids always love going for a look as well. Lots of pet accessories on view and quite friendly staff

Jojomo 08 Jan 2015 · 100% Trust

Thanks for your review.

12 Aug 2013

thay allways have avalible kittens,puppies,fish,snakes birds cadges,dog food. i went to that specific store because allways have good looking healthy puppies.and a little bit expensive but cheap.

10 Aug 2013

Big pet shop in kilsyth. Great place to take the kids to look at all the animals. Lots of different pets to buy and also a huge variety of pet supplys. Is a little expensive.

Dizzykins 11 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Definitely a bit expensive.

15 Jul 2013

I went in recently to buy things for my new kitten.
Most was quite pricey, had to really search for a decent price in there.
Things are a bit all over the place too.
Bought a catnip spray, which was about $10 more then I was originally wanting to pay.
Was a pain waiting to be served. Person in front of me was being asking advice, but worker didn't serve me even though I was waiting to buy something. Pretended I wasn't there.
Ended up being spotted by another worker on the floor who rushed over to serve me.
Overall, if you're looking for a pet I'd go there, but for supplies its a bit too pricey.

lilbundle 07 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Good review :)

Jojomo 08 Jan 2015 · 100% Trust

Thanks for that....the pricey side will be an issue for most people who are looking for value.

30 Apr 2012

This shop is full of all sorts of different things. There are heaps of Fish and fish food and accessories and tanks. There is also a wide range of other pets for sale.
My children love going there to get more little fish for their tank.

12 Dec 2010

They've got a huge range of everything, really! Lots of reptiles and the staff know what they're talking about. I don't condone purchasing dogs/cats from pet shops as you never know where they've come from, so I can't talk from experience here. It's a good place for lots of accessories though.

Approximate cost: $5+

17 Aug 2009

as for my own experiences with this store, I can only speak for the fact that i look for fish, and my tank is specialised, and this store does not stock the type of fish I would put in my tank. However their range of products is very good,the staff are friendly, but the prices can be a little high. I probably wouldnt shop there for the fish they offer, the fish they sell would get eaten in my aquarium. they are for the tanks that are 'pretty' and 'look nice' not for someone setting up say a brackish water aquarium full of aussie natives.

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