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27 Apr 2011

Flight Centre are very good at getting me a cheap price for my holiday which included a tour, flights and some accommodation and travel insurance. The girl who helped me though seemed quite unexperienced, geographically and in her role. When she asked other girls for help they were very rude and unhelpful to her, even in front of me. I receieved emails later saying that such and such had gone wrong and could I call and change my plans with them. I want my holiday to be hassle free and simply, by paying for this service I shouldn't have to worry so much. Next time I will definately be going else where. Still to Flight Centre because I think they are a great company, but efinately not to Flight Centre Northbridge.

15 Jan 2010

I have had good experiences with Flight Centre in the past, unfortunately this was not one of them. I had seen a guy in the store about booking a holiday, and went off to think about things. Had his email so emailed him a week or so later saying to go ahead and please book my trip. Received no reply for about two weeks so I emailed him again, and received an autoreply saying he no longer worked there. You would think someone else might have actioned his emails or something? But no. I ended up going somewhere else. No one ever replied to that email, I must say too. So I guess everyone that emailed him over that time, their emails just went in a hole. Not good business practice at all.

26 Aug 2009

they are very good at matching us with good deal. very informative and help us in cost cutting at the same time very best deal. good work. i and my husband always use them as a first tool for booking a flight.

16 Apr 2009

My partner and I are trying to book a trip for Christmas to Kuala Lumpar and Bali. Bec at Flight Centre Northbridge has been very helpful in providing a quote for us.

Approximate cost: $5000

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