6 reviews about Foodland

15 Jul 2011

Great range of groceries. Plenty of specials. Friendly staff and quick service. Quality fresh produce and dairy products. A nice change from the big two supermarket chains.

16 Nov 2010

Great specials, terrific range and lovely fruit and veg. Very rarely is there a wait for being served, which is always a plus.

13 Jun 2010

Foodland Semaphore always compares favourably with other stores, price-wise & staff are excellent. Possible improvements would include a little more space at checkout & cardboard boxes within reach of checkouts for those who prefer to pack groceries in them, rather than bags.
They should have a conveniently place bicycle rack. There are usually several bikes locked to stairway of nearby restaurant or leaning against bins. Carparking is also a problem on busier days, especially in Summer as shoppers have to compete with beach goers for a space.

22 May 2008

i always head in here after work and get some milk but i usaully end up looking around to see what they have on specials and i like their meat its cheap and very tender.

Approximate cost: $50.00

20 May 2008

This shop is always clean and the staff friendly. Prices are very competitive and there is a good range available. It is always busy but the checkout flow smoothly. The fast checkout is particularly good.

Approximate cost: $100

14 May 2008

This is a great little supermarket with excellent weekly specials, friendly helpful staff and usually not too long a wait at their checkouts. One thing I've noticed with this particular Foodland is they also have an area near the entrance to the store with products that are close to their best before dates on sale at a much reduced cost. They also participate in the fuel docket system where if you spend thirty dollars or more in one transaction you get a voucher for four cents off a litre of petrol at participating service stations as well as a discount available every Wednesday for pension card holders.

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