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10 Apr 2014

We have been customers of Get Wines Direct for over 9 years now. Always visit their tasting room whenever we are in Melbourne. Their free wine tasting of their entire portfolio makes for a top day out! Wish we could get down to Victoria more often!

Great service, even better prices!Oh, and their buy a case get a case free deals are fantastic. We have found they also have a 100% money back guarantee if there is a wine that we don't like, but that does not happen very often haha!

They deliver to our door so we don't even have to stop at the shop on the way home! Their personalised label design service was fantastic for our Wedding! They designed our wedding favours and they were a huge hit with the guests!

Good prices, convenience and great service!

Keep up the good work GWD and keep those crazy specials coming!!!

Approximate cost: $120 for a dozen with a dozen free too with some of the varieties

10 Apr 2014

I often buy from Get Wines Direct and I cannot reccomend them highly enough. from their vast selection and quality products and service, i refuse to go anywhere else!

Approximate cost: $250 2 doz

26 Aug 2010

I have been a customer of this company for a few years now and purchase my wine by delivery from them, either they phone me or I order online, either way I get wine delivered by the case at a very good price and I've never had a problem with them. Highly recommend.

14 Sep 2007

I love this place. None of the "try to be your friend and make you feel guilty so you buy" selling tactics of certain wine cellars. They give you a glass and you go and get on with the business of tasting as much or as little wine as you like. Absolutely great prices too. A really good way to spend an hour or so!

27 Aug 2007

A great way to get tasty simple wines for a good price. I tend to get overwhelmed when entering the bigger successful bottle shops, so here I can taste 1 or 2, decide what I like and be guarenteed of a decent bottle at a good price.

08 Aug 2007

At Get Wines Direct you can taste every single wine they have in the store. Try before you buy - great!!
Get wines direct is basically a warehouse that sells wine from various wineries. They buy wholesale, usually at the end of a season/ end of bin, so that they buy cheap and sell cheap. They have great cleanskins and great variety. Sometimes you have to be lucky to get a really really really good bargain as the fantastic deals sell out quickly. However generally speaking you can almost always get a bargain or sorts. Great place to go to stock up the wine rack and buy some great quaffas.

Paul 08 Aug 2007 · 100% Trust

Looks good - Checkout the quote they currently have on the top of their website.. "When we drink we get drunk..."

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