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11 reviews about Imagine If Educational Toys & Hobbies

24 Jul 2015

This is a high end toy store with lots of educational materials that kids will love. It's pretty pricey but you pay for quality.

17 Nov 2012

These toys stores have the best range of top quality products - I had heard that the prices were expensive but I think thats because they stock the best of the best! There is so much choice here and its all such great stuff - I wanted to buy everything!

11 Aug 2012

This store has all the big name toy brands but not really a good range for each. I have been a few times but found the staff relatively unhelpful. I wold prefer to go to a department store.

min 20 Nov 2012 · 100% Trust

That sounds disappointing. Service is important.

06 Jul 2012

Not a bad shop for toys but the price its so expensive. They stock toys for all ages especially learning toys. Been once but wont go back i like better the bigger toy shop were they stock everything at a low cost

12 Jun 2012

Excellent location, friendly staff with helpful advice. Great range of toys and educational gifts.

Approximate cost: $40

min 12 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

Thank you for your sharing.

06 Nov 2011

This toy shop has great educational toys. I can always find something for a child's birthday gift, regardless of the age. Service is excellent. They are more expensive than the average toy store but very convenient.

05 Oct 2010

The shop seems larger than the other ones I have been to. The thing that I like about this particular store is the great selection of board games. There are so many good board games, many of which cannot be found in your usual general retail stores. I bought a game called 'Fact or Crap" ahich is enjoyed by all my family and friends. You can play with a large range of age groups. This store is great if you need to find that special present!

04 Jul 2010

The best toy shop and little kids love the train that commutes around the wall space (and big kids too). They have a good variety of toys, board games and other items. A must shop to visit when in Adelaide.

11 Jun 2010

There are fantastic products here that are educational and just great fun! lots of these products can not be found anywhere else. The staff are always very friendly and helpful and make me want to go back there everytime my daughter has a birthday party to go to or a present to buy.

Approximate cost: $20

02 Jul 2009

They have a great range of educational games and toys. The staff are friendly and helpful. My kids love to go there and look around. They also gift wrap for free which is really handy if you've left your birthday present shopping to the last minute. It is a bit expensive, but they do have a good range of cheaper items as well.

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