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23 Mar 2017

Good service & accurate report.
Peter the inspector was very knowledgeable and incredibly thorough. He knows the Australian Standards probably better as anyone else.
Our Real estate Agent handed over the last Practical Completion inspection report done by the sellers and all was fine according to the report.
However, for our own piece of mind, we booked the inspection with Inspector Group. We asked for Peter as recommended by a friend and he turned up for the inspection the next day.

The house was build in 2015 and Peter found many serious problems.

1. The metal roof was not tied down as required
2. Roof structure did not comply
3. Bathrooms were leaking
4. Dropping ceiling in the garage
5. Termite barrier has been bridged with pavers

For every defect found to my new property, the inspector referred to the Australian Standards.

We negotiated with the owner who agreed to fix all of the defects. Can highly recommend this company

Approximate cost: $600

22 Mar 2017

Absolutely professional on an extreme level and highly experienced. We purchased a house last week and we chose Inspector Group.
Peter Hopfinger is probably the best building inspector in the Perth!
He is very detailed and professional. I am a Settlement agent have seen many inspection reports but no inspection report was presented as Peter's reports. This was one of the main reason to choose him for my property. Peter is my first choice when recommending a building inspector. Overall, we had the option to negotiate as there were many significant defects or to pull out of the contract.

The quality of the report the inspector provided within the same day was excellent and very easy to read. He took care of every detail of the house.
Also, if you have follow up questions you can call the inspector any time and he will answer your questions. Highly recommended!

Approximate cost: $600

15 Mar 2017

Second Inspection with this Company!
Best Company in Perth.
They did a hand over inspection for us and they have found many major and also smaller issues. The inspection itself took only 1 hour but I'm still impressed what they found within that hour. Non compliance roof structure, roof plumbing problems and even electrical issues. I thought this would be a choke when the inspector said it will take approx. 1 hour to do the inspection before he even started but he has disproved it and did a great job. Highly recommend those guys

15 Mar 2017

I strongly recommend "inspector Group"

I spent fair amount of time looking for a good and trustworthy building inspection company. Due to the nature of my job, I am very involved in inspection activities but in another industrial field (other than building), so I searched for a professional inspection company with a high quality and efficient outcome. As the main outcome of the inspection is the “inspection findings” presented in “inspection report”, I reviewed many inspection reports from various companies and finally decided to proceed with “Inspector Group”, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection plus pest inspection. Time was booked and Peter did the job. Unfortunately the owner did not let me accompany Peter during the inspection!
The result: Peter picked up three main structural and safety non-compliances in the building and few more maintenance ones. The structural one could have easily been overlooked by many inspectors I believe, but Peter picked it up and reported. The owner accepted to rectify the major ones and Peter will be doing the re-inspection soon.
I strongly recommend them for pre-purchase home inspections.

Approximate cost: $600

13 Mar 2017

I would not recommend Inspector group. We are looking at a costly re roof just a week after we moved in because the inspector neglected to tell us how poor condition the roof was in. There was cracked and disintegrating tiles everywhere. Tiles were cracking as I was replacing cracked tiles. They claimed that liquid nailing cracked tiles back tiles was normal roofer practice. Its not. All the roofers I spoke to said this is absolutely not true and the only people who do that are cowboys and handymen. He stated the tiles were in good condition for there age. 2 months between inspection and moving in wouldnt result in that much deterioration. I paid $800 for a comprehensive inspection. I had the right to know that the roof needed replacing. A $450 refund isnt going to cover the cost of repairs to roof that will put us under major financial stress. We have no recourse due to the huge number of disclaimers on the report. I recommend you hire a registered builder to do your inspections as their builders rego is on the line if they dont do it properly

Approximate cost: $799

Inspector Group 17 Mar 2017

Hello Matthew. Thank you very much for taking the time to review our business.
Your input and the feedback are vitally important to us.
Per your comments and mentioned before, we have checked the inspection report and the pictures taken on site and there is no need to replace the clay tiles. There is no deterioration of the tiles at all and this is a good sign.
Clay tiles are prone to crack if someone walks over them no matter if they are new or old. We as building inspectors and all roofers we know how to walk over them without cracking the tiles. I have reviewed all photographs taken on site and could not see any cracked tile. Please check the photographs again. Maybe the previous Owner cracked some of them when he or she walked over them to repair some of the roof as mentioned in the report.
As stated in the report the tiles are in "good condition considering their age which is approx. 60-65 Years old". Clay tiles this age near the coastal and city areas, showing, quite often, major deterioration and the roof then needs replacement but not in your case. There is just normal wear and tear on the top surface of the tiles.
There is no tile fretting (deterioration) to the underside of the roof tiles evident which is a good sign. (Tile fretting is the only deterioration of clay tiles.) This is the reason why its considered as "good condition considering the age

So there is absolutely no need to replace the roof covering as they are still sound.
There are some repairs required to the top of the roof as mentioned in the inspection report.
I also stated and attached photographs in the building inspection report to get the roof cappings re pointed as leaks will occur and are evident as reported, that the roof is full of moss and needs cleaning as tiles get lifted and possibly damaged.
I also reported that the roof flashings are rusted and others are leaking and need repairs and more important to engage a roofer for repairs and quotation of some of the roofing. Obviously you have missed that statement which is under the roofing section.
This is all in the report.
There is nothing which I have missed in the inspection. I know from experience that an inspection report can be difficult to read as there is lots of information in it. The photographs taken in the report usually helps and support to understand it better.
As a gesture of good will, we also have refunded some money. After cleaning the roof from moss, getting the cappings repaired and flashings rust treated as mentioned in the inspection inspection report, then the roof will looks like new!

Regards Peter
Building Surveyor (License Number 2194)

matthewa997 17 Mar 2017 · 60% Trust

The owners were 80 and did not do any repairs. As for cleaning them an experienced roofer told me to clean them would compromise the tiles as the are brittle. There were issues that you should have picked up and didnt. The fact is you didnt do your job properly and now Im paying for your mistakes

02 Mar 2017

Had my second inspection done by these guys and again very pleased with their service. They found many structural problems but also maintenance issues. I must say I was very impressed with the quality and speediness of the services. They even came out to reinspect the property for free. Absolutely brilliant and the company to trust!!!

Approximate cost: $600

22 Feb 2017

Thanks very much for the inspection. Excellent Service on an extremely high level. Really impressed with the level of detail in the report!! These guys exceeded my expectations and they know the Australian Standards. Received a very detailed and easy to understand report which was outstanding comparing to other company's I've used in the past. Would recommend the inspector to all my friends.

Approximate cost: $600

10 Feb 2017

WOW. What a Service. We had a Handover Inspection for our new house in January. For our piece of mind we thought to book a building inspection with these guys. I did not expect such a report! The very detailed report came back and said: The building is not structurally sound.
The colorbond roof was not screwed down and the roof timber did not comply with the standards. They had to remove the roof sheets to rebuilt some of the roof structure. There was even a missing structural beam in the roof and one building corner in the garage needed underpinning. The repairs took 2 weeks and now Peter came back to reinspect the repairs and gave the O.K.
I cannot thank you enough Peter for doing such an inspection for us. Would not go for someone else.

Approximate cost: $600

11 Jan 2017

Previously when buying a house I tried a cheaper inspector and got burned; they just didn't look. This time I chose Inspector Group due to their good reviews.

Peter at Inspector Group checked everything. Found a structural defect and termite damage. These are to be repaired by the sellers, not us. The cost of the repairs were more than the cost of Peter's inspection; so this inspection saved us money. Additionally, a range of non-defect issues (mostly maintenance) were highlighted in the report; a useful maintenance guide for later.

Thoroughly recommended.

Approximate cost: $599

14 Dec 2016

Peter from Inspector Group saved me from getting caught with a house that had high moisture issues and structural problems. The technology and knowledge used by Peter was very impressive. His report was loaded with photo evidences. Overall, very good inspections!

Approximate cost: $500

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