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10 May 2017

Very satisfied with the service I've received. Peter from Inspector Group came out to inspect our new property in Joondalup last month and provided a great report with some structural issues which have been rectified by the vendors. He even came out to reinspect the property during our final pre-settlement inspection today. He's such a great, honest and reliable person. Will recommend him to all my friends and family if needed.

Approximate cost: $500

08 May 2017

Good service and great support after the inspection.
The inspector came back to reinspect all structural problems he found on his first inspection. Highly recommended.

Approximate cost: $599

01 May 2017

I decided to go with Inspector Group for my pre purchase inspection based on their positive online reviews & their responsiveness. I was not disappointed. They have sent out Peter who inspected my property. He is the person to call for your inspection. He even offered me joining him during his inspection and I was highly impressed on which level he works. He takes no shortcuts!!!
I hope everyone discovers Peter in time to have him do your building inspection. He stands apart from most if not all other inspectors I have used in the past.

27 Apr 2017

Peter inspected a property for us and the report we received was extremely thorough. Was easy to read and listed items that needed to be rectified very clearly.
Would highly recommend Peter great piece of mind when purchasing a property!!

Approximate cost: $549

26 Apr 2017

I am very happy with the service Peter provided & he has saved us thousands of dollars :)

He found some major issues that the seller now has to fix before the settlement takes place.

His report was extensive and detailed and he referenced the REWIA code throughout. Peter was readily available on the phone afterwards to explain the report in simple terms to me and has offered to re-inspect the property once the work has been carried out by the seller.

I would reccomend him to any of my family or friends in the future.

I purchsed the combined building and pest inspection for total cost of $549.

Approximate cost: $549

Inspector Group 26 Apr 2017

Thank you for this Review, Cloe. Will let you know how it went after my reinspection.

12 Apr 2017

5 stars is not enough for how I felt about our building inspection with Inspector Group!
I asked for Peter because he had excellent reviews and an engineering background. Peter was amazing on all levels! He was personable, thorough, knowledgeable (Knew everything about everything in the house), and answered all of our probably stupid questions.
Pricing is fair on the inspection, and you are guaranteed to get your money's worth!

Approximate cost: $600

11 Apr 2017

Far and away the best building inspection service I could have asked for!!
I am a first time home buyer, and unfortunately, I know nothing about what to look for in a home when it comes to structural problems.
There was a multitude of serious problems with the 10 years old house that I would not have known without Peters caring and detailed approach.
I ended up not purchasing this home thanks to his fine work and attention to detail.
This is a person who truly seems to enjoy what he does and really does care about his clients best interest.
I will ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, be using his services for every future purchase I make.

Approximate cost: $500

11 Apr 2017

Good service and trustful company. The inspection process could not have been better. Would highly recommend this company to all my friends.

10 Apr 2017

Great service and we ended up saving thousands of dollars. The inspector found several serious issues (structural and non structural problems) which gave us the power to negotiate. I definitely would use this company again. BTW. Peter form inspector group was our inspector.

10 Apr 2017

I have used inspector Group for my house inspection. I cannot be happier as they found many major problems with the house and we had the option to pull out of the contract what we did at the end.
Not quite sure how much it would have been cost to repair all those problems but it seemed a lot. The house was only 7 years old and looked good for an inexperienced person but had already so many structural problems. The real estate agent was surprised that the building was unsound according to the report. Not sure if other building inspectors could have identified these issues but Peter, the inspector always referred to the Australian Standards, proofed and explained every single problem. He did an incredible job for us. We will use him again for our next house. 5 Stars!

Approximate cost: $600

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