11 reviews about La Porchetta

20 Oct 2013

I had been here once before for Saturday Lunch with a 2 for 1 coupon and had Pasta, didn't make the grade for that, but the other night my friend shouted me to Dinner here. The young waitress was so friendly, attentive and jovial it was a pleasure to chat with her. I had a Chicken Parma, which covered half of the large plate with salad. The chicken waas succulent, although I would have like the crumbing cooked a little more. The salad was not overdone with lovely drizzle of dressing. My friend had fish and said it was exquisite. Dessert was also VERY Yummy. Well done guys.

Approximate cost: $20.00

23 Apr 2013

This place is not bad for the price and the big servings. Perfect for a hungry family who want a decent feed for the money spent. It is what it is and I dont think you can really complain too much about the place. Alot of young staff that try their best..Give it a go guys

Seaspray 23 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

As it's a franchise type business, it really varies between each one. I've found both good and not so good. Interesting to hear about this particular store, thanks.

04 Nov 2012

The service was average - no surprises there. We ordered a pizza and lasagne to take away. Both were absolutely revolting. I cannot stress just how disgusting both meals tasted. I really wouldn't recommend anyone go here, from personal experience. Not sure what other meals are like, so try it for yourself.

27 May 2012

Well unfortunately, the last time i was here, my lasagna took forever to come out, and when it did come out, it was burnt. I really wasn't a fan of this place

20 Jan 2012

We have been going to La Porchetta in Heathmont for close to 10 years now, the last 5 years it's been weekly which means we have eaten nearly everything on the menu. I would still rate it pretty good although recently we have been a little disappointed at times. The prices have gone up & I think it really depends who's the chef on the night. Tonight the meals were very good. The home made gnocchi & desserts are excellent. We have also had a few functions at Si Bella in the back room including a communion, birthday parties & even held a wake there. We have been very satisfied with the food, value & service. They have all you can eat pizza & pasta and beer, wine & soft drink packages at unbeatable prices, guaranteeing your guests wont go home hungry. Overall it's the best La Porchetta we've been to.

Approximate cost: $10 - $28

27 Aug 2010

A great family restaurant. The service was good, the food was cooked to perfection and although there is many chairs and tables there is enough room to move around.

10 Jul 2009

The place is fun, The service is quick and they taste good, Their Vegetarian and Margarita pizza are to die for. You go there and you will love the environment if you are a soccer and F1 fan

Approximate cost: $10

03 Mar 2008

A great pizza and pasta shop that is local and serves great value for what you get. Take away or dine in, and the pizza and pasta is pretty good. Could do with a bit of a makeover to give it a newer fresher feeling.

29 Nov 2007

The pizza's are OK, although some are a little bland. The cheese 7 garlic pizza absolutely rocks every time, as long as you don't plan to kiss anybody later. The service was bare minimum. They weren't overly friendly and we got the impression they were just serving time till knock-off and didn't care less what our experience was.

22 Oct 2007

The La Porchetta chain offers fairly good quality pasta and pizza for a reasonable price. The Heathmont store is no different.

However an area that they really need to improve upon is their service. Young members of staff are not knowledgeable and appear disinterested in accomodating customers.

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