10 reviews about La Porchetta

06 Oct 2012

I went there with a group of girlfriends for a quick meal before seeing a movie on a Sunday night. It was fairly quiet but it still took us a while to be served. We were also seated right underneath the big screen TV which was annoying and distracting. When we told the waitress we had to leave at a certain time to see the movie she assured us that our meals would arrive in time. She was right. We ordered both pizza, pasta and risotto. Everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the Capricosa pizza and it was delicious. Would go back again for dinner before a movie would ask to sit somewhere different though.

Approximate cost: $12

02 Jul 2012

Well what a night 11 girls out after a shower tea, There was a amazing young man of 17yrs old waiter who was the best I have ever seen. my daughter is a fun girl and had some fun with the waiter, after a bit of talking told him if he could remember all the orders of 11 people without his book she would reward him of $100. this young man said your on. I could not believe the whole restaurant got involved and we were all cheering and hoping he would complete this task. and to our amazement he did. well the whole place stood up with clapping and cheering. we called him "Mossie" and we gave him his tip of $100. this young man was a fanstasic waiter. so happy and looked after us to the best I have seen. I would highly recommed this La Poechetta to everyone. the food was to the highest standard, service 100% everything about this place was great. we had the best time ever. thanks Mossie for giving us girls a great finish to our big day. I wish you all the best. just wish other waiters could be like you..well done

Approximate cost: $25.00

MazB35 02 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

wow what a great night had! well written review!

11 Jan 2011

A little expensive for food court style food. A good variety though of pastas and pizzas. The free rolls are good when available and the service was quick.

Approximate cost: $15

10 Aug 2010

We love going here for a quick family eating out night. Better than your average pizza and very affordable.

13 Jun 2010

food is great the atmosphere is perfect but they might wana get a beta chef, but if your on a budget this is the place to eat

Approximate cost: $20

18 Apr 2010

Good place to eat if you want something quick and well priced. They offer pasta, pizza and some meat and seafood as well as salads and deserts. Its location is good being directly under the cinemas making dinner and a movie quite an easy night out.

11 Jun 2008

Its a get what you paid for deal I think. The food is good, and arrives not too long after ordering, but the service can be a little average. We take my sisters 3 kids there when we want to just go out and eat.

11 Feb 2008

This La Porchetta in Werribee is good for those people that just wanna sit down and eat, because they cant be bothered cooking. I agree with the comments below me, as everytime i come in to this restaurant, the waiters make you feel as if you have to rush and your food, to let other people come in. The food is great, it is cheap and at a reasonable price. I wouldnt say that the service was 5 stars, as it is very hard to get the waiter to give you a jug of water. The lady that we asked for a jug of water totally forgot, until 15 minutes later we asked another waiter. I suggest they need a few more waiters around as there is always either 2 or 3 that are rushing around trying to get to every table.

Approximate cost: $11-12

12 Jan 2008

Eating at La Porchettas is a cheap meal out, big serves and decent service. Just not somewhere to go for that extra special meal but perfect for young families as they did not mind our extra requirements having two toddlers.

Approximate cost: $12

14 Aug 2007

The food at La Porchetta is reasonable but I always feel rushed, like I am on a conveyor belt and they want to feed me asap and get me off the table so the next mass of people can come and scoff their food down.

Approximate cost: $14.00

Angel63 20 Feb 2008 · 50% Trust

AND..bring a mircophone with you to hear each other...cos its damn NOISY!

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