19 reviews about Lezzet Turkish Restaurant

29 Mar 2017

Genuine food, genuine staff and beautifully presented food, you get a warm hearty feeling when you go to lezzet. The decorations around the place compliment the service and food.

19 Apr 2016

Fantastic atmosphere & middle eastern vibe! Pizza's were great & so were the staff. We had a large group, 8 people & they accommodated for us easily

03 Oct 2014

This place is amazing, a real favourite of our. Discovered it when my husband and I were wandering home after quite a few 'after work drinks', a night off from the kids. We wandered in and had a spectacular meal. When we woke up the next morning, we remembered how amazing it was, but from too many wines, we could remember what it tasted like! So we booked back in a few weeks later and were not dissappointed (again!). The third time we went, they did try to poisen my dad with wallnuts- he has a nut allergy, which we told them about- but they were very apologetic. The food is so good here, that even though they made that mistake, we still go back for more (even Dad, but we had a sign now that we take with neon flashing lights saying 'nut allergy' which we hang around dad's neck whenever we go. It seems to work).

Approximate cost: $25

jol8 03 Oct 2014 · 100% Trust

hahahah funny

10 Jun 2013

I have been walking past this restaurant numerous times and finally actually went there a few weeks ago.

I hardly every order garlic bread, but I am really glad I did this time, because it was probably the best garlic bread I have had (not exaggerating here, it's true!). I had the chicken for main and my friend had the slow cooked lamb, both were winners and very filling. We didn't have dessert.

I would go back, although it is a little pricy for a mid week dinner.

Approximate cost: $30

15 Feb 2013

Forgot to bring the water, ashtray, cocktail and entree. They brought the main out first after a long wait and then we had to remind them that we orderd an entree. They gave us Jim beam instead if jack Daniels. They ran out if markers mark. The manager didn't really care about all the mistakes. Tried to rip us off with the bill...

11 Aug 2012

The Anatolian lamb is amazing, and I put up with the average service, crowded room, and high prices because of this, but I don't go as often as I would if the service was better.

21 Jul 2012

I actually went here for the cooking class with 2 vouchers. I did their pizza class and their bread making class (which included pides - which are turkish pizzas).

The first class was small, so we got to do a fair bit more. The second class was bigger, so we had to share and thus didn't get a turn at everything. It was still a great experience though. The teacher/chef (Kemal I think?) was very helpful and friendly. We got to taste our creations and take home the left overs and recipes.

I would encourage you to try his pizzas if you're in the restaurant - they were quite amazing. Woodfired and very tasty. And the left overs were good microwaved the next morning!

16 Jul 2012

Absolute quality place to go, the slow cooked lamb is a MUST and the freshly baked olive bread is mouthwateringly delish! The desserts are amazing, def try the tasting plate so you get to try all of them! The toblarone cocktail is great as well. Even though the service can sometimes be a little average, the food more than makes up for it, book early as this place is often packed!

11 Oct 2010

I've visited this restaurant many times in the past, this was one of the first times I had visited since its expansion and renovation. The service was excellent as always and the food was delicious. I ordered for the main course the calamari salad which was very tasty and satisfying its a great dish if you are trying to avoid the extra sides that other dishes come with such as rice. Although I didn't order it this time the restaurant offers great home made turkish bread with different flavours and herbs.

22 Nov 2009

This restaurant has fantastic food and great staff. It is a little poky and crowded but the food more than makes up for it. They do fabulous meat dishes and really good pizzas. Last time we had the creme brulee as well and it was the best I've ever had. If you are around this side of Melbourne it is definately worth a visit!

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