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18 Sep 2017

They were nothing but kind to me and always try their best to get me the help i needed for my head injury i had gotten from getting run over by a car as a pedestrian. They got me all the professionals i needed to try get me better and they did help alot you know. But now im happy i have the life they told me i deserved and told me if i need help feel free to call for anything. They have a kind nature and are as genuine as it gets from my experience and got me a great life now tryst me

11 Oct 2016

MB simply do not explain enough about how long processes take from the first interview with a lawyer. They wait until paperwork is submitted then let you know lengths of time things take. Initial interview you expect approx 12 months for a resolution....fair enough. A few months in and then its 6 months, for this, another 4 months for something else, 12 months to 2 years for a final resolution...things that should be told to potential clients from the beginning. The mantra of "we fight for fair" seems to just be rhetoric because there is not a whole lot of fighting going on, just alot of waiting and times being continuously extended, which means the cost continuously rises.

14 Aug 2013

I have dealt with Maurice Blackburn lawyers in the past in regards to a personal matter and I received the best advice from my solicitor, fantastic work I received and was dealt with in a fantastic way, prices are great and would recommend others to give them a try.

15 Feb 2008

I'm not sure that I can describe what they did for us, BUT...the lawyers involved in the matter were certainly terrific in their success and in a recent related follow-up. We found them most helpful - we're very happy.

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