10 reviews about Mazamigo Mexican Restaurant

23 Feb 2012

yum! good value, cute cosy family friendly venue run by a gorgeous family, serving up hearty portions of great quality mex

Approximate cost: $25.00

05 Jan 2012

I ordered the mains size taco's for dinner and received one lukewarm taco with some rice on a bed of lettuce that made the taco soggy. What would I have gotten if I had ordered an entree size, half a taco!?

Approximate cost: $20

ReecesCheckYaPieces 07 Oct 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Kellyn8, serving a taco on a bed of lettuce is simply illogical, for obvious reasons. Certainly sounds like a disappointing experience. Thanks for the heads-up! Reeces

26 Mar 2011

Very disappointing experience. Smallest main meal we've ever ordered and we ordered the large option! Left hungry. Scallops and prawns were overcooked. After reading reviews saying the meal sizes were large, the last thing we expected was to leave hungry. Considering the prawn & scallop burrito was $27.30, it's outrageous that they serve up such a measly dish, not to mention they also overcooked the seafood and it was dried out and rubbery. Such a pity as the atmosphere of the place itself was really nice and we would have become regulars if we hadn't felt so totally cheated. I really don't know what people are talking about when they claim the serving sizes are generous, they are anything but.

Approximate cost: $25.50

ReecesCheckYaPieces 07 Oct 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Toonunit, thanks for yet another useful review. Unfortunately, many folk (professional and otherwise) seem to struggle when in comes to cooking seafood. Every consumer has the right to expect quality, well cooked food. Thanks for the heads-up! Reeces

19 Oct 2010

Cosy environment with friendly service. Food was fantastic and very generous serves. Very extensive menu - found it difficult to choose! Will definitely be going back to try something else from the menu.

Approximate cost: $25

29 May 2010

Went here on a whim last night and have to say was one of the best Mexican meals I've ever had. Great atmosphere and great food! Would highly reccommend to everyone!!

Approximate cost: $25

19 Jul 2009

Beautiful food, clean and warm, service was fine. Meals a great size, left feeling full.
The food was cooked perfectly and tasted so nice. Even though it was a little pricey, it was definitely worth it.

Approximate cost: $20

06 May 2009

I've had takeaway from here a few times and it is amazing, I highly recommend the chile con-queso (cheese dip, so good you could drink it!) and the fajitas! You get big meals but it is a little pricey!

Approximate cost: $30

05 May 2009

One of the best Mexican Restaurants in Victoria, def give it a go if your in Torquay awesome food, great atmosphere. We go there in a large group and they are always accommodating and fast with the food.

14 Jun 2008

Never had Mexican before-so fantastic I want to take out Mexican citizenship so I can eat like this for the rest of my life. Absoultely excellent. I didnt know what to expect now I cant stop recommending this restaurant to others or suggesting other might like to take me there again as a treat to myself and them as well

02 Sep 2007

Always a good feed!!! Cozy with great atmosphere, friendly staff. BYO, good location, usually eat too much!

Approximate cost: $15

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