1 review about McDonalds Family Restaurant

05 Jan 2008

I ordered a meal with one of their new Nudie juices for my drink and when i took a sip it tasted funny so i looked at use by date and it was a month past use by date. I took it back and asked for a new one she said do i want my money back? I said no just a fresh one please. She gave me a new one and couldnt apologise enough for the mistake. As i sat back down to eat my lunch she came over with the cost of the drink and gave me my money back aswell as the new drink. Which i didnt expect cause i was just happy to get a new fresh drink. So i was pleasantly surprised with the great customer service we got there. The meal was also one of the freshest and nicest McDonalds we had ever eaten. Just goes to show good customer service isnt dead after all.

sarah-g127 16 Jan 2009 · 60% Trust

Hi i work for that store. Its great to you love our customer service , it make's the job worth it


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