5 reviews about Millers

11 Apr 2013

shopped at Millers years ago when garments were quality goods now sup standard items, bought 3/4 pants lately for holidays as they were the only shop i could find them. items need to be like they were years ago, staff will help if you look lost but do chat between themselves while serving customers at counter. quality goods and service are lacking now adays. sorry can't praise this shop.

06 Oct 2011

The staff are the highlight of this store, and the regular sales make the clothes very good value. The biggest problem is that the store is very heavily stocked which means it is almost impossible to get around when busy and forget about taking a trolley or pram in at any time.

22 Jun 2010

The store is poorly organised there is to many racks and to much stuff in such a small space, it just looks like a mess, I find the clothes look cheap and nasty aswell, i wouldnt go back there again.

19 Jul 2008

Staff are always very friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to assist you. The clothes that I have purchased over the years are still in good condition. I would like to see more variety for the middle aged woman. The elderly are very well catered for.

Approximate cost: $20.00

11 Jul 2008

Millers are useful for lower end of the scale casual everyday wear. They do keep a terrific long sleeve T which washes well and keeps its shape. They are useful for replacing each season at little cost. The staff are usually cheerful and their return policy is useful. They have a loyalty program which provides vouchers for pretty good discounts. Their jeans for larger sizes have a good "semi elastic" in the sides which is handy.

Approximate cost: $cheap

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