18 reviews about Mosskito

03 Dec 2013

The servings are very generous but bland in taste. The waiting staff were fine but when I made a complaint, the manager was rude, and not interested in good customer service. Will not be returning

Approximate cost: $23

17 Oct 2013

Great for big groups, Mosskito has lots of room and is a good location. We went on a 2 for 1 cocktail night which went down very well! Food was well priced and good size serves. The waitress did leave us alone for awhile when we'd finished eating which meant it took longer for us to get a second round of cocktails, but overall they were very attentive.

24 May 2013

Funky place, tasty meals. The ambience is good. It's central being at Clifton Hill. Can be interesting getting a carpark but otherwise it's a reasonable place to meet up with friends. good old favourite foods - parma!

Approximate cost: $30

MazB35 24 May 2013 · 100% Trust

I agree about the parma, its big size and I recommend it if you are super hungry!

17 Jan 2013

The meals here are MASSIVE!!! and delicious. I've had the calamari a couple of times and also the parma. It is a bit of a waste with food though as everyone seems to only eat half.. I'd definitely recommend it here.

16 Jan 2013

Big fluffy pancakes, open souvlaki, whole baby snapper.. Some of my favourite meals. Oh, and breakfast until late afternoon with amazing scrambled eggs.. & cocktails! Regular diner, great for a date or group of friends. Can't rate it highly enough

18 Sep 2012

I went to Mosskito for dinner last Saturday night. I don't look at the menu as I always have the famous Mosskito Parmigiana.
It is my favourite parmigiana from anywhere. They are enormous, taste good and did I say the best? The parma comes with salad and fries. In past experiences it has been served with chips, but it was served with fries on this occasion.
I have also had bigger parma's from Mosskito in the past.
The only real downside to Mosskito is there self-service of water. To become a complete restaurant, I believe they should serve their customers water rather than making the customer self-serve.

Approximate cost: $24

16 Aug 2012

Its a great, big restaurant and very lively and bustling with patrons.

The lounge area is great to sit, back, relax with a bite to eat and drink and socialise and watch the tv big screens.

If you are super hungry, then this is the place to go, as the meals are HUGE SERVINGS.

Sure I like to get value for my money, but I wish the meal sizes would be a little smaller as its a struggle to finish my meal at times and I feel bad to leave it and waste food.

staff are okay, depending on the person, some staff are very friendly and efficient and some others seem disinterested.

15 Jun 2012

Huge place with Huge meals! This is where you go for the Big Screen entertainment area. When the tennis or world cup is on and Australia for tennis or Italy for soccer are playing the atmosphere is fantastic. The food is sometimes hit and miss but it is really dependant on who's cooking and if they can keep up! You need to get a nice waitress too because some are just 'over it'.. Don't let simple things deteriorate your evening because it really is a good place to bring friends and 'hang out' .. prices are a tad high for my liking or I would be there more often but definitely a favourite for our crew.

Approximate cost: $35

10 May 2012

Mosquito is a great restaurant with alot of potential. It is a huge venue which is always immaculately clean and looking fantastic. Staff are a bit sloppy and carefree but the food is always of huge proportions and always amazing. A tad over priced therefore i only go there on special occasions. The open chicken Souvlaki is my all time fave

Approximate cost: $35

09 May 2012

long wait, cold food and poor service. Don't bother
Poor menu to choose from, really inexperienced staff too busy chewing gum!!

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