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01 Jun 2010

I used to RAVE about Netspace...I've been using them for about 7 years... but now their service feels more like Telstra than a strong niche player. In relocating our service the time frame that I was given was rubbish and there was no apology for the fact that I had been give incorrect information ...bad luck, that's the way it is.

The ADSL service itself is quite reliable and the value is very good.

It's lucky I hardly ever need to call them. I will shop around when I move again though.

Approximate cost: $50

mmc7135 03 May 2012 · 60% Trust

Ive used their service for years also and i have to say ive not struck a more friendly and enthusiastically helpful team in their tech support and accounts departments. Their service is fantastic value as well. I give 5 stars all round, and suggest ur one time bad experience is just an unfortunate bump in the road, and shouldnt put u off so easily...?

03 Jul 2009

They were fantastic when we moved house but other providers seem to offer a much better deal and the lock-in contract has horrible termination fees. Service was good.

07 Apr 2009

I had 1500/256 and open speed ADSL with Netspace on the Casuarina exchange.
The open speed was a very good 6.5Mbs down and 500Kbs up. Good for ADSL1.
Customer service is non-existant. Expect hours and hours on the phone waiting, or like me, ring 1/2 an hour before close of bussiness to find yourself still on hold 1 1/2 hours later and that everyone had gone home and left me on hold.
Contact by email won't be answered within a week if answered at all. I have about 10 emails tottally ignored.

Approximate cost: $50

20 Jan 2009

Been with Netspace for the last 7 years, and still thinks it is very bargain. Packages are very flexible, and they keep their promising speed! Although their customer service line is busy when you need them, but in reality, I only need to call them once a year (or may be not).

Approximate cost: $40

19 Aug 2008

Switched from Bigpond to Netspace for a better deal. For the same price I was paying on BP, I got 30GB extra downloads, with uploads not being counted in this. Support was refreshingly local, not a calcutta call centre :)

13 Aug 2008

Broadband Internet. Home Phone. E-mail hosting. After disconnecting Broadband it took about 15 phone calls for my domain e-mail hosting to start working again and additional undisclosed charges. They also charged me a full month for home phone service for 3 days usage. Even Telstra gives you pro-rata credit.

04 Aug 2008

They are my ISP that my husband set up as we changed from Telstra to reduce costs. We took a bundled pack so now he doesnt get upset with the Telephone bill as it is capped and I make alot of STD calls to my family. Great internet connections and fast Phone support. No cntracts was good too as we move house alot.

Approximate cost: $120

27 May 2008

We have had both our internet and home telephone with Netspace for several years now and can't really fault their service. They offer a good, value for money service and a good choice of plans.

03 Feb 2008

I have my broadband through Netspace. They are competitive with their prices and plans. I also have VoIP set up through Netspace which saves a lot of money on my phone bill.

01 Feb 2008

WE have been very good customers of netspace for years and I recently rang to upgrade and transfer our package - I waited for 25 minutes on the phone only to be hurriedly answered and told, oh, we will have to call you back, we are just way too busy. He then couldn't tell me when he would call me back but kept rudely demanding a number. Clearly they do not put too much emphasis on customer service. Of course they still haven;t called back! Needless to say we are going with another provider! The packages they offer though are fairly reasonable in price and the service has been generally reliable over the years so I can't really fault them on that front.

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