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7 reviews about Osborne Flyscreens

22 Aug 2016

I have just bought a house with a new flyscreen. I spoke to a person from this company who was very unaccomodating. He basically told me I would have to bring in the door and pay money to get it fixed even though it is clearly under warranty. I was not impressed by his rude manner and will be discourage people from using them.

08 Jan 2016

Just had 3 security screens fitted. Right from the quote through to fitting had excellent and prompt service. Always polite and on time. Made the extra effort to come few days earlier so they were in before our pool was installed. Would highly recommend this company. Thanks guys, top job.

Approximate cost: $1200

09 Sep 2015

We have used them several times but I won't be using them again. Very rude and unaccomodating. They need to remember who the customer is.

Approximate cost: $900

15 Apr 2014

I got 7 quotes and they were the best value, at first I found the customer service a bit off but it did improve enough for me to be happy with the outcome. Their prices are what sealed the sale for us, if they were around the same cost of other companies I probably wouldn't have went with them due to initial service experience. Quote for whole house 4x2

Approximate cost: $3000

08 Nov 2011

We had security screens made for our windows. I can not comment on the quality of the product, that seems Ok like any other stainless mesh fly screen. It is the service I have a real problem with. These people are so rude and unobliging, do not fall for them telling you they have warranties or after sales, if there is a problem they will not fix it. I contacted them after installation asking for some rivets to fill the holes that were drilled in my windows and left and the owner was so rude saying they never left holes! I told him that there were in fact at least 3 and he didnt believe me and got very aggrevated. When we asked for them to rectify a screen which they made to the wrong size, we were told impolitely that it would cost us extra and wouldnt be the same again!!!!
Unpleasant, unhelpful and unprofessional. Previously we used Tower Security and they are much more customer service focused.

Approximate cost: $2000

22 Nov 2009

recently installed security doors. had a very good exp with them. very easy to use. came in time as scheduled. fixed the doors without unnecessary mess. they are really cheaper and good in quality.

08 May 2008

Had to get a quote to install security screens and doors to an investment property. They were very prompt, came in cheaper than expected installed on time and they did a great job.

Approximate cost: $1930

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