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8 reviews about Photo Plus

21 May 2012

I went to Photo Plus not long ago.. I took graduation photos package. The staff were so friendly, the quality of the photos were GREAT.. very happy with the graduation photo and the service. the price is very reasonable. Highly recommended!

07 May 2012

I was surprised how good the service actually was. The quality of the photos were absolutely top quality.

05 Jun 2009

It was really fun because, my friends and i were taking silly pictures in one of the many photo booths with FREE, funky accessories. The pictures are amazing quality and so easy! The favorite part of it was writing and decorating the photos. Overall, it was a great experience!

Approximate cost: $Silly photos: $12

01 Dec 2008

Their studio is set up to do proper portraits and groups shots, so some simple passport photos were NO trouble. As far as quality, their pictures are a ZILLION times better than chemists or photo booths as you are dealing with proper photographers with good equipment and professional lighting.

05 Oct 2008

I desperately needed to get passport photos done on a Sunday and didn't know where else to go besides Australia Post (which is closed on the weekends). The last time I went to Australia Post- my picture turned out terribly! The photographer only took one photo of me- which simply looked hideous. Not to mention that it wasn't cheap for 4 photos! I dreaded using the photos but felt obliged because I had paid so much for something that made me look like I had a double chin! So, funnily enough, I looked online and found this site..and read a few of the reviews about Photo Plus. The reviews sounded promising but I didn't know what to expect (you never know whether it is self-promotion!). However, I was very pleasantly surprised! Service was quick, efficient,and the photographer touched up the photo where some of my teeth was just visible, as well and enhancing the lighting on the photo. The effect was fantastic, and I felt like my photo from Photo Plus was 300% better than the photos I had taken at Australia Post. The price was also extremely reasonable. I probably spent 5-10mins at the place- which is reasonable waiting time for high quality photos! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know who needs photos of any kind (the shopfront has alot of photo sticker booths in the front). I will be using this place for any photos I need from now on! It is open everyday from 11am to 7pm I believe- although some nights it does close around 9pm (from what I remember asking).

Approximate cost: $10 for 4 photos, $15 for 8 photos (other options- but in essence, you pay less if you order more ph

18 Jul 2008

I found this place by; I went in for standard Australian passport photos and I was incredibly impressed with the service and the result.
I was offered a mirror for preparation prior to the photograph; the set up in the studio was very professional as was the photographer who took 3 pictures.
Outside the studio she immediately showed me all 3 images on screen where I was able to select my preferred picture. I only had to wait about 10mins for processing and was thrilled that I was able to purchase 8 photos for what the price that most standard places charge for four. The overall result was excellent, considering you have to live with you passport photo for 10 years, and great value.

26 Nov 2007

The service was fantastic. Products were not the best value for money however when you have been shoppping around and haven't obtained the best advise sometimes to pay a little extra is well worth the service provided

30 Sep 2007

I needed to get photos for a passport application, so I went into a typical camera/photography store to get the typical Polaroid photo taken. The photos turned out pretty horrible. I didn't want to spend the next 5 years with such a horrible photo, so I decided to be a little frivolous and try again, this time at Photo Plus. I'd been to Photo Plus previously to use their print/sticker club photo booths, which are ridiculous and fun. It turns out there is also a small photo studio at the back of the store where they take more swish-looking photos. The passport photos I got here turned out perfect -- much better lighting, I got more than once chance at my photo, and it even turned out cheaper than the first place. It all took about 15 minutes, instead of the 5 minutes in the other store, but it was so worth it.

Approximate cost: $10 for 4 passport photos

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