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29 Sep 2013

Worst. Pizza. Ever! This is the first pizza where we have ever had to throw most of it in the bin. We bought 3 pizzas & forced ourselves to eat a piece of each purely as we were very hungry. The base is awful & must be some pre-fab, frozen job as it was hard and unpleasant & was certainly not fresh pizza base made from fresh dough. The sauce tastes too strongly of tomato paste. This pizza is actually a lot worse than frozen supermarket pizza. I am amazed they are still in business as I can't imagine them getting any return customers. They were also overcooked, so the toppings, such as ham etc., were dried out to the point of being inedible. I have had pizzas from here in the past but several years ago and under previous owners. Things have certainly gone downhill since then.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 09 Oct 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Toonunit, appreciated the candor and detail we have come to expect from you. We have often wondered what the pizza was like and will certainly take your comments onboard. Given the ease (and speed) of which ‘basic’ pizza dough can be made, we find it incomprehensible why some businesses prefer to use ‘pre-made, frozen’ bases. Yuck! Thank you kindly for the heads-up, but I doubt we will be wasting our hard earned money. Regards, Reeces

ReecesCheckYaPieces 27 Oct 2013 · 0% Trust

By the way, the salmonella incident (mentioned by Brittanyf2) affected just shy of twenty customers and was linked to the death of an elderly gentleman. The outbreak was apparently caused by ‘insufficiently cooked egg’ and eventually resulted in a $50,000 fine. One article went onto state, “During that period DHS officers and council health officers visited the business and took significant amounts of information in relation to the state of that business and secondly commenced working with that business with regard to remedying a number of food handling issues.” According to an article written by Mr. Doug Powell, “The state Department of Health, local council types and the restaurant have been less than forthcoming with information” and went onto state that, “Customers were still unwittingly buying pizzas from the shop, unaware health officials ordered it be shut down for a week on December 30 after it began investigating a salmonella cluster in the regional city.” At the end of the investigation, eleven charges (Food Act 1984) were laid against Rizzo’s Pizza and its owner, to which they pleaded guilty. The charges included: a lack of temperature measuring devices, a lack of cleanliness and a failure to comply with the food safety program and handling and selling unsafe food.


14 Aug 2013

I have been to this venue and I must say not a lot of patrions which is a pitty the food is nice and the venue is quiet wich is nice for take out

08 Aug 2013

have eaten from here only a few times. never had any problems with there pizza. it really was quite nice and from what i remember it wasnt expensive.

20 Nov 2012

We use to always get our pizza from here and it was lovely. The staff was always helpful and friendly, The only thing annoying about this place was the parking if you picked your pizza up and the wait times if you was getting your pizza deliveried. But they are very minor considering the pizza was always lovely.

Approximate cost: $20

24 May 2012

Okay.. so their name may have been dragged through the mud because of the food poisoning, but its still great pizza!
The prices are great, and their pizza is great. Very oily though. Do not get the meat lovers. It is just mince and onion, yuck!

02 Sep 2011

Great value and delicious pizzas. Rizzos doesn't pretend to be something it isn't - just good value, delicious pizzas.

Approximate cost: $6

27 Jul 2011

This would have to be the best takeaway pizza I have ever had. And the specials are fantastic, Two pizzas garlic bread and drink for small cost. The large pizzas start at $7.50 and have lots and lots of topping on them yum

Approximate cost: $22.90

03 Mar 2011

terrible management. not nice service or pizza the toppings are less it seems to have better pizza at the start of the week and gets lost somewhere towards the end of the week

Approximate cost: $9

27 Aug 2010

great pizza's, unfortunately the staff don't seem to have too much personality, or too bright really (struggle to add up price of half/half, or add up your change.... and one teenage girl had a big dirty hicky visible last time I was there!!) but they have - without a doubt - the best pizza's in town

Approximate cost: $20

29 May 2010

Excellent place. I always enjoy going there but only on weekends as there are 2 particular staff members that know my order and address me by name. This makes my week. Overall a very busy place to work and Im glad to see such enthusiastic workers. Well done to the owner and staff

Approximate cost: $9

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