5 reviews about Spice Cottage

12 Aug 2013

New favourite Indian restaurant in Geelong. Nice little restaurant with a good atmosphere. Ordered the garlic naan, rice, rogan josh which was all the best I have to this date. They give you some free minty yogurt dip to start if you are eating in. It is a BYO wine only place. Main were around $14 each which is on par with all other Indian restaurants. I will go back again and would recommend anyone to try it.

Approximate cost: $14

Lilflower 20 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Might have to take back the part when I said it was my new favourite as I went back here for the second time for take out and it was okay but not the best. The meat was chewy and not as much flavour as the first time. The rice was nice though.

01 Feb 2013

Yummy, yummy, delicious food. I love their saag lamb especially. I've only ever had meals to take away so can't comment on the dining in experience. Oh, and their samosas are so good and so fresh and taste just right to me. The biggest problem I have is they don't deliver! :)

01 Aug 2012

BEST in TOWN....great food...never had a indian food like that goodd... great atmosphere.. and friendly staff...

Approximate cost: $15

05 Nov 2007

I went here recently after hearing family and friends rave about the place, and I must admit I agree. This is easily one of the best Indian restaurants i have ever been to, small cosy atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious food with a great range, and its even BYO

Approximate cost: $15

18 Oct 2007

A cute little restaurant, great for dine in or take away. It fills up quickly (which is a good sign) so you need to book. We go here so regularly that some staff members know my name, which is a nice touch!

Approximate cost: $12

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