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61 reviews about Techbug Computer Consultants

08 Jul 2015

Ru is the kind of person with the attitude:
"I see only the objective the obstacle must give way" which for those that know their history is what Napoleon said....just perfect for IT which has the ability to drive people mad with frustration when things go wrong! Glad to have Ru & TechBug support.

S-Smith 09 Dec 2016 · 100% Trust

awesome review!

19 Jun 2017

My computer suffered a ''sudden cardiac arrest'' in the middle of a big deal.
Its not very often that i come across a business that leaves me with an: "ÖMG!! how awesome was that interaction".
Ru and his team really provide a friendly and outstanding IT service and much more. I received an efficient, cost effective and speedy corporate type service which has made a world of difference to my small business. Thank you Techbug, I am deeply grateful. I highly recommend Techbug to other small businesses without hesitation.

03 May 2017

Even if he didn't sort out my issue (which he did) I'd still give them 5 stars. Great customer service, super helpful, very patient and ridiculously well priced. Straight up legends!

20 Feb 2017

Efficient and reliable with any internet and/or laptop issue. Ru (Techbug) has saved me so much time by being able to solve an issue straight away. He also gives clear instructions and advice to solve future problems in a professional way. Highly recommend this business.

20 Feb 2017

I have been dealing with the same provider for almost 2 years. I continuously had issues with email freezing, delays, loosing data. My IT people suggested another server, same problems...they then blamed me for the number of folders I have and the way I work - I HAVE BEEN DOING IT THIS WAY FOR 20 YEARS including when I worked in IT and T!!!! Ru (TechBug) visited Thursday morning, by Friday night we were migrating to a new server, and my email is a dream. In less than 36 hours, these guys have been able to fix what was costing my business significant amounts of money in my time, my staff etc. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Needless to say, i know have a new IT service provider - techbug

14 Feb 2017

Aron saved the day!!!! I had been having some internet trouble over the past few days and he went through some steps logically to figure out the issue and had my system back up and running. Saved me a lot of time trying to figure it out myself. He was also able to assit me some general maintenance of my computer to ensure it stays running efficiently. I will definitely be calling again next time my computer isn't working as it should. Thanks Aron :).

13 Feb 2017

Aron efficiently fixed an internet connection problem with my laptop that I had been experiencing for a long time. He gave very clear, easy to follow instructions over the phone. He saved me from having to buy a new laptop! I would happily recommend Aron to anyone with computer issues. He proved to be reliable and experienced at diagnosing and rectifying the problem.

10 Feb 2017

We were unhappy with our previous IT provider and contacted Ru to do a review of our IT needs. We proceeded with Ru's recommendations and have been very happy with the results and the services provided by Ru. He is very knowledgeable and is always prompt in responding to our requests.
He has set up a new server for us and got everything up and running very quickly with minimal disruption to our accounting practice. Most of our systems are cloud based and Ru was very helpful in getting us up to speed and setting up the right systems for our needs. We can highly recommend Ru to anyone looking for great service at a reasonable cost

12 Jan 2017

We contacted Ru and his team when we got hacked by ransomware. Ru was on the job right away and got us up and running quickly. Fortunately Ru managed to recover most of our files.

On Techbug's recommendation We moved to a cloud solution and more robust internet security which will prevent this disaster in the future

Our new website is being designed by Ru and his lovely Wife Shenya. Our hosting and domains have all been moved to Techbug.

Very happy with the service and ongoing support is excellent

12 Jan 2017

Ru looks after our small practice in Wellington Point and has been prompt and efficient.
Old fashioned honest IT Support, who actually look after you every step of the way. We bought all our computers from TechBug and have been well looked after.

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