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06 Jan 2017

The reviews were so obviously written by a competitor in close proximity . The proprietor was and is always most helpful , not to be confused with pushy.., some folks simply do not understand good service as they are so used to shopping at the major stores where service simply does not exist .

05 May 2009

I have really mixed feelings about this place. On the one hand, they stock some interesting toys that aren't available in the other toy shops in Elsternwick. But the service is a problem. I find the owner very pushy and feel pressured to buy something. I used to check this store out before heading over to one of their competitors because they often have interesting toys, but now I give it a wide berth as I don't like pushy salespeople. I have never found the owner outright rude but I do find him overbearing. If you do want to shop here go on a Saturday as there are usually casual staff.

JulieK5 01 Jul 2009 · 50% Trust

I would disagree - Toy City has a great range of wooden toys that are usually harder to find, lovely helpful and friendly service, I shop here all the time - great for kids gifts as the range and prices are good.

12 Feb 2009

I have visited this shop once before and found the owner r pushy and had a bad attitude but went back thinking I may have imagined it.. but no way he was so much worse next time. The minute you step inside he follows you around and gets angry and rude if he thinks you may not be about to spend lots of money in his shop. My son cried and argued when I refused to buy him a skateboard and the man shook his head and made a face and said "we don't like noise" Maybe he doesn't like mothers who don't buy their kids every toy they want in his shop? To be honest there wasn't a chance of me buying anything as everything is very overpriced.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 25 Jul 2011 · 0% Trust

Perhaps this guy is in the wrong business if he doesn't like noise! I soooo dislike ignorant, rude employers/employees, glad you took the time to do the rating. :)

13 Nov 2008

I thought that this man was very nice, he asked me questions and chatted along to me while he was cleaning, asking about my daughter. He was not at all pushy, and I didnt purchase anything. They have a great range of toys. I will go there again.

irishchic 01 Mar 2009 · 100% Trust

I am surprised you have taken the trouble to rate just this one buisness..I mean its hardly exceptional!

ReecesCheckYaPieces 04 Aug 2013 · 0% Trust

We belive the reviews on WOMO speak for themselves. For everyone’s information, it is often deemed suspicious when an individual only signs up to Womo to complete 'one' review or to disagree with another’s comments. According to WOMO themselves, anyone with a mere 10% TrustFactor cannot be trusted. In closing, we are in full agreement with the comment left by Irishchic. Reeces

11 Oct 2008

I was in the area looking for a birthday gift for my niece. Came across this store as l was looking for Child and Adult. What a nightmare. This guy harrassed us as soon as we came within metres of his store, begging us to come in. I felt like l was in the red light district of Amsterdam. I will never shop at this store and nor should anyone else.

Approximate cost: $0

06 May 2008

The guy that owns this seriously needs some people skills. He stands outside his shop harassing people to come in and snarls at them if they don't. I have shopped here once out of desperation and NEVER AGAIN!!!

ReecesCheckYaPieces 04 Aug 2013 · 0% Trust

What a positively shameful manner in which to conduct business. Any manager choosing to accost passers by verifies their position and speaks volumes. Hopefully the business in question will take all the constructive criticism onboard, instead of resorting to lodging illegitimate complaints against WOMO members and/or attempting to muster family and friends to add their own questionable comments. Thanks again, Reeces

25 Nov 2007

Okay so after reading the reviews here I called them as I was after something quite specific called a Shoofly Rocking Horse. I spoke to the gentleman who bragged that they had every rocking horse known so I then went on to explain what it was called and what I was after and he cut me off mid sentance and told me that he had no idea what I was talking about.

I tried to explain what it was like which is really simple to do and he told me to get in my "little car" and come down and have a look for myself. I explained that I was in Essendon and he said well I cant help you.

Charming!!! NOT

ReecesCheckYaPieces 04 Aug 2013 · 0% Trust

In other words, the manager in question was being dishonest when he said that he stocked ‘every rocking horse known’ and was just attempting to get you inside the store so that he could attempt to convince you to purchase an alternative stocked item, which as we understand, was not the product you requested. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and while it may procure funds from an immediate sale, it does little to actively promote future business. Pouncing on customers upon (immediate) entry is also a negative; after all, most consumers actually want to browse the merchandise prior to being accosted. In addition to this, successful businesses retain managers who actively listen to their consumers and not make them feel obligated to purchase anything. Your comments were appreciated. Reeces

23 Oct 2007

I found the man was lovely. I was after a particular bike and he was the only shop in Melbourne that still had one after Christmas. He kept the store open late so that I could make it there to pick it up after work.
And...he threw in some extra things for free.

20 Sep 2007

pushy salesman, but the goods he sells are good. I bought an excellent plastic toy ride-on motrocycle. Has a wide variety of toys, and the shop was full of other shoppers when I went, so I assume others also agree his toys are good.

Approximate cost: $40

20 Sep 2007

Beware.........the guy who runs this store is more enthusiastic than a real estate agent. As you enter the store he pounces upon you badgering you to buy a product, any product. I was there just looking and he would not leave me alone even after my best efforts to dissuade him from bothering me. I have not heard of anyone having a good experience in there because of his over zealousness. My friend was in the store yesterday to purchase a specific bike. As she was purchasing it he suggested she purchase 2 bikes. My mum had to purchase something just to get out of the store.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 25 Jul 2011 · 0% Trust

While it was indeed your mother's 'choice' to purchase something (or nothing for that matter), no-one should ever have to feel obliged to buy anything from any store! Bad business I'd say...as there are far to many neg reviews from members with perfect trust factors.

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