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03 Mar 2015

Amazing and so professional Highly recommend Everything done in time frame given and I got the job Yay tyvm

I am so pleased you got that job Su. I know how much you wanted it!

20 Feb 2015

I thought social media and sending out newsletters to my clients was simple, that was until I realised that I suck at it! I am a hands on business owner and really enjoy doing as much as I can. BUT when it came to getting my business out there through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram I honestly had NO idea what I was doing!!! I thought I could just write an email and send it out, or write stuff on Facebook ... I just couldn't get it looking slick and professional! I had even set up my Facebook the wrong way - Facebook could have shut me down, yep I had NO idea what I was doing!

So, I looked around and found Jodie ... I found her through Facebook! I am so glad I did because she has pulled all of my social media and newsletter together and made it look slick and professional just as I wanted it to. My newsletter list has grown. I'm no longer getting people telling me to stop sending them emails - now I am getting people forwarding my emails on to other people! My Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest look FANTASTIC and are growing every day too. I even have people 'checking in' at my business too which is extra great!

Thanks so much Jodie! Without you on my team I am sure 2015 wouldn't be my year to shine!

Ahhh Caran you make me smile! It is so much fun working with you. Here's to an awesome 2015! Jodie.

20 Feb 2015

My partner and I are starting a brand new business, and realising that using social media to market our business is an absolute must we looked around for a social media marketing manager who we felt understood us, our business and who we could trust - and we found her!

Jodie Bowker of type+writer creative solutions took the time to really listen to what our vision is for our business and then put together a strategy plan to make it all happen.

Initially we were expecting just to pay someone to post stuff on Facebook for us - we were wrong about that! Jodie took the time to put together a market analysis so we can see just what our competitors are doing, then a strategy plan and calendar so we could see what was going to happen and when - then she built our page and the posting fun began!

It did cost us a little more than we were expecting it to - we were expecting to pay someone just to post status updates but that was before we realised that there in no point in doing that if we didn't know what our competitors are doing, or we didn't have a PLAN! But when we thought about it of course we had advertising in our budget anyway and our social media advertising IS our advertising!

My partner and I cannot recommend Jodie and her business "type+writer creative solutions" highly enough!

Thanks Sean! It really is a pleasure to work with you and Renee ... together we will make your business grow!!! Jodie.

19 Nov 2014

I have been privileged to benefit from the expertise of Jodie Bowker's (of type+writer creative solutions) desktop publishing and executive support for more than 7 years now.
She is one of the fastest and most accurate converters of the spoken word to reports, notices, newsletters and brochures of anyone that I have ever worked with.

Not only that, Jodie has always demonstrated to me a vast amount of common sense, quick understanding of what is required with realistic suggestions where appropriate, rapid at problem solving, exceptional command of spelling and grammar, exceptional memory all combined with a delightful sense of humour.

I have known Jodie to work at important tasks through to completion with tight deadlines as she takes work requests seriously with an enviable commitment to an excellent finished product.

Thanks Rosie, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the past 7 years ... here's to many more to come! Jodie :-)

08 Oct 2014

Jodie Bowker of type+writer creative solutions has been providing VA services to me for the past 5 months. I have used the services of a VA in the past but found that I had to do a lot of follow up work to make sure she was staying on task and was able to meet my tight deadlines - but with Jodie I don't have to do that; she is a highly capable and intelligent worker who takes particular attention to the details always with a smile, nothing is too much trouble.

I am often asked to present at workshops and conferences (I have experience and knowledge in a sought after field of expertise) - I am not good at putting together the technical aspects of my presentation such as the PowerPoint or the manuals and handouts. I am grateful that Jodie has such a depth of skill in pulling my information into something that looks great and makes sense ... she makes me look good!

Other services Jodie provides to me are document typing - from my hand written scribble, MailChimp - keeping my list of subscribers updated and professionally putting together my newsletter, proofreading, editing and creating reports and documents for my professional connections.

I highly recommend the services of Jodie and her business type+writer creative solutions to anyone looking for a VA to help them in their business! Whether you are after regular weekly hours or just the odd job here and there, Jodie is your gal!

Thanks Steven, I have really enjoyed working with you and also learning from you over the past 5 months. Yes, your handwriting is scribble ... but making sense of it and making your work legible is all part of the challenge and enjoyment! Here's to our future working partnership! Jodie.

07 Oct 2014

I have attended several events organised by Jodie Bowker over the past five years - these events have included:
• Professional development workshops and training sessions with attendances ranging from 10 people to 60 people. These sessions have had excellent speakers and the learning outcomes were enhanced by the environment that was conducive to learning and sharing largely due to the care and attention paid during organisation by Jodie, including training materials, presentation aids, room layout, and venue suitability .

• Community information and debriefing sessions, again with attendances from 20 people to 60 or 70. Several of these sessions have been organised at very short notice due to the nature of the session/debrief which have been in response to immediate traumatic events in the community.

• Large social activity days and weekend camps for families and individuals (all of whom were experiencing varying degrees of trauma) - attendances at these events have numbered into the hundreds with several events having attendances of 500 people or more. The genuine sensitivity and attention to all details, even those that may seem insignificant to some, were apparent and appreciated by all.

• Conferences with an impressive array of guest speakers and attendance of more than 200 people. Venue, materials, catering, room and table decorations all entirely suited and appropriate to the occasion - very tasteful and considered.

All of these events organised by Jodie have been exceptionally well organised with more careful attention to detail and respect for the needs of each and every attendee than I have experienced in my many, many years of attending workshops, conferences, etc.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jodie's event planning and management skills - for events both small and large. She has an innate ability to know the what, where, and how to achieve more than just great outcomes! I have left every one of these events feeling that I had been treated to something really special - and I know from talking to others that I am not alone in this experience.

WOW, all those events brings back lots of memories Janice! Such a variety ... I guess it shows that I genuinely care about putting on a great event and how important it is to me that the people attending leave feeling that it was absolutely worth their valuable time to have been there.

24 Sep 2014

I have known Jodie of type+writer Creative Solutions for some time now and recently we contracted her to assist us with writing material needed for our company. I can tell you that we were very happy with the outcome and certainly will be using her again in the future.

Our company is Decracon Australia, we are specialists in concrete flooring and rejuvenation. We have been in the process of revamping our business and taking on a new direction with our approach. With all these changes we are putting a lot more effort into our online presence and needed somebody with good writing skills to assist with that.

Jodie took the time to discuss with us what we wanted out of this, she asked lots of questions about our company and what we do before she began.

With the information we provided she then put together a summarised overview and an extended version of information about Decracon. The material she put together will be used online as well as for some printed advertising.

Communication during the process was great! Jodie really took the time to make sure she had all the information she needed and was patient with any changes we asked to make throughout the process. Not once did I feel like I did not understand what was going on.

I would recommend her to anybody that needed a similar service provided to them – I would gladly pass her number on with confidence.

As mentioned I have known Jodie for a while, I have always been impressed by what an amazing and professional woman she is. Anybody that engages in her services will not be disappointed and will be better for the experience.

Thanks Melanie, I really enjoyed the collaborative work in putting together this work for your new website. You were such a gem to work with too! Thank you! Jodie :-)

18 Sep 2014

As a business owner I found working with Type+Writer Creative Solutions a wonderful opportunity for my business. Jodie was able to edit a document with no input from me saving me time and stress. I will certainly be using Type+Writer Creative Solutions again.

Thanks Donna, I enjoyed working with you and am really looking forward to the next time! Jodie :-)

17 Sep 2014

Thank you Jodie for doing an excellent job on my resumé and cover letter. The quick turn around, professional content and layout is very impressive. I highly recommend type+writer creative solutions for anyone needing to re-vamp their resumé

Thanks Mireille! It was a pleasure working with you! Jodie :-)

09 Sep 2014

I have been using type+writer Creative Solutions in my business for the past 3 months. Jodie has been AMAZING at providing top level executive support to me - answering and writing emails, letter and submission writing, PowerPoint presentations (WOW, she's good!), even planning and managing meetings and workshops. What I really love is how easy she has made this all for me - I have had onsite PAs for many years but having Jodie as a Virtual (off-site) PA has been brilliant. I wish I had found her years ago!

Thanks Claire, I really enjoy working with you! I'm looking forward to keeping the partnership going for many years to come! Jodie :-)

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