6 reviews about Under the Sea

05 Jun 2014

This is seriously good fish and chips. Some of the best I've ever eaten. It's squished along the busy and narrow Anderson Street in Yarraville and is decidedly not trendy and up-market like some of the newer additions to this area.

It's a good, honest fish and chip shop that also offers burgers, souvlaki, steak sandwiches, rolls and has a range of really good value packs available. And also vegetarian options like a vegie burger or falafel and chips.

Chips were crunch and soft, which is hard to do I know, but they achieved it. Potato cakes were large and yes, we did get an extra one than ordered. But the fish ... oh, my goodness, it was just delicious. So huge and all fish - the batter was delicate and crunchy and quite thin and then a very thick fillet of fish in between. We ordered a fish each, but ended up sharing one and couldn't eat the other. But it wont' be wasted, that's for sure. Very good value.

They serve the fish in a paper box with bag over, but go to the added trouble of a layer of foil. And with the bill, there was the old fashioned courtesy of knocking the cents amount off and just charging the dollar cost.

Two very friendly gentlemen in here and a row of chairs to wait. I'll definitely be a return customer. Hit the spot like nothing else could on a cold night.

And the bonus is they are open on Mondays - closed on Sundays instead. Open 10.30 am until 8.00 or 8.30 later in the week.
Flake - $6, potato and pumpkin cakes and dim sims - $1, corn jacks - $2.80, medium chips $5, cheeseburger $5, chicken schnitzel roll - $7. I could go on and on.

If you live anywhere remotely around here, you must try this place.

Approximate cost: $9

10 Nov 2013

We travel to yarraville from NSW and one of the highlights of our visit is to have fish and chips from under the sea. Nice friendly staff, exceptional food and reasonably priced.
Well done people.

Approximate cost: $10-11

10 Mar 2013

These are the only Fish and Chjip shop I have ever come across that do crumbed fish properly. They dont shove your dinner in a box, they wrap it like fish n chips should be. Here is a big tip for you - ask for a large tub of tartare sauce - they have them out the back and you will have enough for two meals, best tatare (beside mums)ever. I respect that they do not open in Sundays but I really wish they did. I highly recommend their great friendly service, and very delicious fish n chips.

Approximate cost: $10

17 Jan 2013

These are probably the best fish and chips ive ever had. The fish is super fresh, and the chips are unbelievable! Great service too, staff are always super friendly.

28 Apr 2008

prompt service, everything cooked fresh in front of you .friendly staff, always polite , have a chat to.unfortunatly closed on a sunday.. needs more room so you can dine in.

Approximate cost: $approx $10

05 Nov 2007

I know it's just fish and chips, but isn't that all it ever is?

This is GREAT Fish and Chips.

People go a long way for good fish and chips but I'm lucky enough to live across the road. I would travel across town for this though.

I usually have a piece of flake and minimum chips with 2 potato cakes. And yes, this is one of those good old F&C places that ALWAYS gives you an extra potato cake (God I love that!)

I would go so far as to say this is the best F&C in Melbourne.

Approximate cost: $10

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