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79 reviews about United Dental Clinic

09 Nov 2015

I had been looking for a new dentist but last Wednesday I broke a major tooth in half and this made the search more urgent. When I called United Dental Clinic they were lovely and fitted me in for an emergency appointment later that day
I explained to Dr Karan Baran that local anaesthesia does not work on me but it had been a few years so I would try it again. He was very understanding and concerned I may feel pain but for the first time in my 52 years, it worked.
I went back the next day for a complete checkup, x-rays, clean and scale and he formulated a plan to fix some very old fillings. Dr Baran completely understands I am not in a financial position to do all that is needed straight away and he has organised the work I need done in order of importance.

I could not recommend this practice and the wonderful team highly enough and I have my next appointment already

11 Feb 2018

Cutting edge dentistry in a family friendly setting. All of the staff in this clinic deserve an A+ rating. Highly recommended.

27 Jan 2018

The assistants were super friendly and very accommodating.
Dr. K. Baran was very friendly and was very reassuring and put me at ease as soon as we met. Overall unpleasant task - made a pleasant one!! Thank you so much.

19 Jan 2018

United Dental Clinic is a wonderful clinic that offers a great range of services provided by amazing clinicians. Would definitely recommend!

10 Jan 2018

I had a huge fear of the dentist due to previous experiences. I can now say my fear is completely gone to the amazing team at United dental clinic!. I can not recommend them enough.

22 Dec 2017

By understanding that I was an anxious patient I was really helped through the procedure. I felt relaxed and in capable hands. I needed emergency work done 1 week before Christmas and they scheduled a prompt appointment for me as well as getting the lab on board.

30 Nov 2017

I highly recommend this practice for anyone that wants an exceptional dental service, with very friendly, gentle and helpful staff at a great price.

14 Nov 2017

My review is based on many past experiences with dental problems and frustrations particularly with dentures, so much so that I had not worn dentures for over 5 years. Over this period I found that I was very reluctant to smile or laugh, and often when I spoke, my hand would cover part of my mouth to avoid the embarrassment. My wife suggested that I make an appointment to see Dr. Karan Baran after she discovered that there was a dental surgery at Warriewood Square.

Reluctantly I made the appointment to discuss the past issues and the possibility of dental implants. Dr Baran took the time to explain and show me in great detail why I had experienced the problems with dentures, and as such implants would be a viable option. He explained the procedure in detail and yet I was still reluctant, due to past experiences, but decided to put my trust in Dr Baran, a decision that I am pleased to have made.

The procedure is now complete and during the past six months I have been kept up to date, had staff members contact to me to check on my wellbeing after some procedures. I feel so much more confident within myself and am able to smile again without embarrassment.

The surgery is modern and above all, Dr Baran skills and professionalism are matched by his personality, his honesty and wellbeing of patients, as is all the staff at United Dental Clinic.
Thanks Karan & Staff.

30 Oct 2017

Before I wrote this review I had attended United Dental clinic for the last 6 months... so my review is based on many visits. I have had various dental treatments with Karan who is the owner and main dentist . My treatments include an initial consultation with of course the "first impressions" as to whether I would continue. Since that time I have had root canal surgery, various teeth repaired, a "deep cycle clean" from a separate girl that works there and finalising today, a tooth implant with new ceramic crown fitted (incisor front tooth that had been absent for some while.) . I must say I am basically very happy with the whole dental practice for the following reasons. I am not the sort of person that will have the wool pulled over my eyes and will say something critical if it needs to be said .. as I have done with other dentists previously !!.One dentist I had previously would run between two patients at one time .. without changing gloves !!! I always ask how much something will cost in advance so do not be scared to ask. The prices are fair and reasonable from my experience. ! .For example I paid ,$5,000 for the whole Front tooth dental implant with new ceramic crown. . Looks great and I can eat an apple now !! Many dentist with older technology will charge more !Some dentists don’t do implants and will redirect you to someone with a vested interest so this was a major benefit to have it all in one place. Was originally quoted up to $6500 if I needed a bone graft but that wasn't needed. That is honesty, I believe. The initial first impressions of the surgery is that it is clean, hygienic and modern and Karan uses the latest digital technology on everything .The secretary - Tenay is very friendly (Loves dogs -- bonus to my wife and I !) and all the other staff are genuine and friendly too. So often a "job is just a job" . I initially pointed out to Karan that I ask a lot of questions and expect answers . I previously told another dentist in another practice to take a walk ! when he basically said "open your mouth .. let me do the work don’t ask questions and pay me !!!"
Karan answered every question with enthusiasm and indeed kept me informed all the way through everything... for which I am very grateful .His gentle kind lovely wife Megan is often there and a pleasure to talk to. Ask her about her recent trip to India where she wrestled a 3 metre king Cobra snake in the toilet and threw it out the window!! Yes, you can have a laugh with everyone at the surgery too.!! I have never had to wait for more than a few minutes upon arrival where as at most other dentists one has to wait ages and will fit as many people in as they can and rush the job. Its also nice to lay back and watch a David Attenborough documentary on the LCD TV above ( over 1000 alternative shows/movies to watch, I believe).
THANKS for the good honest competent professional practice and people in it.

06 Oct 2017

Dr Baran, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through my recent tooth drama. Your professionalism and ability to calm and manage my anxiety was so appreciated and your efficient and caring staff were amazing too. It is obvious that you are all passionate about what you do and I felt like I was in incredibly good hands.

So thank you for always keeping me informed throughout the procedure, thank you for giving me a pain-free root canal, thank you for giving me the option of sedation and thank you for knowing what you were doing. I cannot say enough good things about you and your team and I will be recommending you to all my family and friends.

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