6 reviews about Video Busters

20 Oct 2008

If you love movies and renting them. come to this place. A quiet enviroment yet loads of fun. It has all the movies and your yet not to find one that you'll love. It had great service, and guarateed to bring home a perfect weekend movie.

04 May 2008

Very good range of products.. the biggest DVD store I've ever been to! The deals are the best around too.

But the strange collection of furniture and stuff is a bit off-putting. Also, the Video Busters jingle that plays incessantly is incredibly annoying and really lessens my experience in the store. Once I'm in the store there is no need to advertise to me!!!

Approximate cost: $5

12 Feb 2008

It was amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful, the price was better than I could have imagined and they had more movies than Blockbuster. I no longer go to Blockbuster, I only go to Video Busters!

Approximate cost: $10

13 Dec 2007

Always pleasant friendly staff, quite a wide variety of movies, great deals like the 8 for $10 and dollar tuesdays/wednesdays. The amount of good weekly DVD's and frequently changing Art house new releases is great for finding movies difficult to get elsewhere.
Unfortunately the cheaply made Thai ornament seem to cloud the service and DVD's, particularly the water tanks and 'King Chairs'!
A fairly wide selection of food is there every now and then and my friends and I always used to buy a kit-kat chunky or two when they were cheap, but the expired food they have there now is NQR.
All in all a very basic video store if you see past the Thai objects. A great selection, a really nice staff and a simple layout with something for everyone.

Approximate cost: $1 - $5

27 Sep 2007

Great service and value here. they have a decent collection of new and old movies and very good customer service. They have a variety of movies, if you walk in there your going to be walking out with at least two movies.

20 Sep 2007

Maybe not the biggest selection of new movies, but probably one of the best selections of new, old, arthouse and hollywood films in Melbourne. It's huge and hard not to get lost in there sometimes...

Approximate cost: $5

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