3 reviews about Wrap n Go

11 Jul 2015

This place is great if you are craving a kebab and chips late at night. I used to pop here all the time after a late shift. Great value and friendly service... Unfortunately it's now closed down :-(

10 Feb 2011

great food at a great price.............. and its open till 2 am weekdays and 4 am friday n saturday.

Approximate cost: $8

27 Aug 2007

I honestly don't know how good the food is because I stood there waiting to give my order while three people stood behind the counter either talking to each other or on the phone or to themselves which may be a good thing considering the laguange did not seem of this earth. Also, trying to decipher the prices of the non-existant offerings was beyong my decoding abilities. I am now trying to work out if maybe this place is located in the midst of some type of vortex where I simply appear invisible, which would explain why I was totally ignored. My guess is: I did not speak the right language. No second chance here!

Approximate cost: $???

garlicook 24 Aug 2009 · 90% Trust

What "else I can expect" is SERVICE! Otherwise how can I find out how great the guys and food are? Thanks to the comments BTW...I notice it's the only one you ever made here. Hmmmmm.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 18 Aug 2012 · 0% Trust

Hi Garlicook, certainly a disappointing experience as far as customer service goes. As for the comments left by ‘Kornj’, they cannot be trusted since this member has a non-existent Trust Factor and has not submitted any reviews of their own. Irrespective of this, it is irrelevant that the ‘blokes at wrap are fun to be with,’ as from my understanding you were seeking a food service and not a date or mate to hang around with! Given the poor grammar used, one might even wonder whether ‘Kornj’ is related to the business in question. Although we have not visited this business (as yet), we thank you for your comments and were pleased to note your ‘100% Trust Factor.’ Regards, Reeces

annc631 11 Jul 2015 · 80% Trust

Hmm I've always had good service when I've been there. Maybe it was a one off?

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