Reviews by Shazzbot1

This review is for Earth Magic, Noarlunga Centre SA

15 Aug 2017

Love this shop, I purchased some incense as usual, spent more than I had intended, but real value for money, they last a very long time and just smell devine. Great place for gift ideas, very friendly staff.

This review is for Chemist Warehouse, Noarlunga Centre SA

15 Aug 2017

It ha,sn't been open very long and I cannot say i will be back. After 3 attempts and being treated the same each time I have come to the conclusion that they do not want my business. On one occasion I was looking for some treatment for a cold, it was 9.10am and I asked one of the staff for assistance, the look on her face was - why me, ask someone else (they had only been open 10 minutes, how would she be by lunchtime?) Well, after a couple of minutes pretending to help me, she said I was better off talking to someone else and pointed to the prescription counter, after a couple of minutes another person came over and also was very disinterested in assisting me but at least attempted, she also wasn't helpful and I said I would deal with it myself.

The staff at the checkout counter could also do with a smile, none of them seem very happy at all.

They say they are cheaper than elsewhere, well a few of the items I purchased I then found in Coles 15% cheaper, I was unimpressed.

Overall, not cheap prices and terrible, rude and lazy customer service.

This review is for Meadows Mini Mart & Newsagency, Meadows SA

15 Aug 2017

Very handy having a mini mart in town, I just needed some milk, bread and the newspaper, only five minutes down the road, much easier than driving 20+ minutes to a shopping centre. Plus the staff are always happy and friendly.

This review is for Kitchen 2C, Hahndorf SA

15 Aug 2017

We usually have a full on meal here when visiting Hahndorf but on this day we were just after some coffee before walking the streets as we had our eyes on somewhere else for lunch. This has to be my favourite cafe in Hahndorf because our meals are always fresh, nicely presented and delicious, also the staff are just lovely. Keep up the fabulous work ladies!

This review is for The 3 Wishes Candle Barn, Hahndorf SA

15 Aug 2017

You can smell the amazing aroma of these candles as you approach the shop , once you enter it is even more intense. I love it. So many delicious scents, they also sell soap, melts, tea lights, candle holders etc. Prices are a bit high, but they are of a very high quality. Definitely worth a visit, you probably wont leave empty handed.

This review is for Beeswax Natural Health & Harmony, Hahndorf SA

15 Aug 2017

Another shop that I absolutely love in Hahndorf, so many natural homemade products. I purchased a beeswax candle and some soap. They also have perfume and baby products. Definitely one to check out when in Hahndorf.

This review is for Clovercrest Newsagency, Modbury SA

11 Aug 2017

A decent sized newsagency with plenty to offer, the usual magazines, newspapers and many cards for all occasions. I was looking for a birthday card for and upcoming get together and had not trouble finding just the right one. Staff were friendly and ready to help if required.

This review is for Silcock Plumbing, Mount Barker SA

11 Aug 2017

We wanted a new toilet installed in our main bathroom but felt it would be tooo frustrating for us to tackle it after the issues we had with our ensuite. I called and arranged a day and time and he was punctual. It did end up being a bit more of an issue than first thought and he spent over 3 hours working on it. Very happy with the result.

Approximate cost: $330

This review is for Lickerish Kitchen, Semaphore SA

11 Aug 2017

Celebrating a friends birthday we decided Lickerish would be the perfect venue, and it was. The staff made it an extra special night, very friendly and attentive. Such a lovely atmosphere with a varied menu sure to delight anyone. Our meals were amazing, beautifully presented, so very tasty. We will be popping in more often.

This review is for Gemtree Wines, McLaren Flat SA

07 Aug 2017

Enjoyed another day of wine tasting with friends, it is so beautiful here and their platters go very nicely with their assorted wines. It was a most enjoyable day and one I highly recommend you try when in the area - or make a special trip out, definitely worth it.