Reviews by Shazzbot1

This review is for The Hub Tandoor, Aberfoyle Park SA

21 Mar 2017

My husband had received a very nice bonus so we decided to indulge and what better way than to enjoy a large selection from the Hub Tandoor. We spent over $150 on various entrees, mains and naan breads, everything was perfect, portions were generous and oh so delicious. Truly flavoursome authentic Nepalese cuisine. Well done! Thank you.

This review is for Mawson House Cafe, Meadows SA

21 Mar 2017

This is a delightful cafe in Meadows located next to the bakery on the main road through town. I enjoying meeting up with friends for a coffee and often something light to eat. The staff are lovely, a very pleasant atmosphere.

This review is for Tinlins Winery, Mclaren Vale SA

21 Mar 2017

I am here at least twice a month stocking up on wine and port. Their prices cannot be beaten, just check out the other local wineries and you will understand. They are of a very high quality, especially their port. Take your own flagons and it is quite a bit cheaper by the litre.
Always very friendly service. Highly recommend.

This review is for 303 By The Sea, Henley Beach SA

08 Mar 2017

My husband and I were looking for a delicious fulfilling breakfast and coffee, having tried this cafe previously we thought we knew what to expect. Unfortunately our experience was quite disappointing, very slow service, cold coffee and uninteresting bland, cold eggs with burnt toast. I was looking forward to our breakfast together but on this occasion it just wasn't up to scratch.

This review is for MJS Tree & Stump Contractors, Balhannah SA

08 Mar 2017

After doing such a great job last time we had them return to cut down a few more gum trees. It was not an easy job, one tree in particular was an issue for them but they handled it really well, no damage to our house, sheds or other nearby trees. So I am writing this review with mixed feelings as we wanted these trees removed before christmas and had to wait almost 3 months, the price appeared to go up and the cutting of the limbs into smaller pieces was not very precise. It was like they started cutting and then just left them half cut. Being way tooo heavy to move, we then had to cut them ourselves, we didn't notice this until a few days later when we attempted to move them. Also, I asked for the mulch and they gave us only part of it and left with the rest. They ran out of time on the day and one of the trees was not removed so we had to get someone else to remove it 2 weeks later.
I am finding it difficult to rate them this time, the guys that did the work were extremely friendly and did this work very quickly, they just rushed in the end and didn't complete their work.
Their prices are extremely reasonable compared to others.

Approximate cost: $3000

This review is for Rice Republic, Noarlunga Centre SA

08 Mar 2017

I have have enjoyed a few meals from these guys now, always fresh and delicious. Service is quick and friendly, a reliable place for lunch or a take home meal for the family.

This review is for Meadows Water Cartage, Meadows SA

27 Feb 2017

Matt delivered some much needed water over the weekend, I gave him a call on saturday and within 3 hours he arrived with a load of water to refresh our tanks. Priced at $160, great value compared to other water cartage companies in the area.

Very fast friendly service. Thanks Matt.

Approximate cost: $160

This review is for Clay & Coal Indian Restaurant, Cumberland Park SA

27 Feb 2017

Normally I would give these guys 5 stars but our take away order last week was not up to it's usual high standard, maybe someone else was doing the cooking. Normally the meat in our vindaloo and rogan josh would just melt in your mouth, but this time we found some rather fatty chewing pieces which was quite disappointing, also it wasn't the usual recipe, not so flavoursome. The entrees were lacking as well, not sure what happened this time round. However, their prices are quite cheap compared to others with prices from $10.50 to around $13 and the portions are quite large, Service is always quick and friendly. We will give them another try but if it is a repeat of this experience, we will say goodbye.

This review is for Melba's Chocolates & Confectionery, Woodside SA

23 Feb 2017

Located next to Woodside cheese Wrights how could we not pop in for some chocolate tasting and purchasing. No one was disappointed, my relatives were very happy with the variety of chocolates, lollies and licorice available. Of course we did not leave empty handed, it is all just too delicious to pass up, always have to make a purchase.

This review is for Woodside Cheese Wrights, Woodside SA

23 Feb 2017

We decided to pay them a visit as we had family staying with us over the christmas period. Our experience here as been mixed, most of the time not so great. This time round there seemed to be more cheese to try and the women serving seemed to have a bit more knowledge than previously. Everyone enjoyed the tasting experience and we purchase a couple of pieces. The shop is quite nice and has many gift ideas and gourmet products.