Reviews by SoccerTed

This review is for Radio Parts Group, West Melbourne VIC

06 Jul 2014

Great range of products at good prices but what makes this company exceptional are their staff.

After being palmed off by other companies whan asking about product information this company went above and beyond to make sure the product I was about to purchase was going work with my tv.

Special Thanks to Michael Swan for helping me out.

you will be my point on contact in future if I ever need to purchase something that I am unsure about.

This review is for Cairns Art Society, Westcourt QLD

03 Jul 2014

love just to walk around here and have a look when i have some free time.. amazing artwork. Price for art is always up to the eye of the beholder.. so i guess if something blows you away it doesnt matter what the price is

This review is for Inniu Clearance Outlet, Westcourt QLD

03 Jul 2014

Great quality shoes at really cheap prices! not a huge range but it is a clearance outlet so what you would expect. You need to go in regularly to getthe shoes that you want in your size if you have an average size foot

This review is for Good Wok, Westcourt QLD

03 Jul 2014

brand name Asian food available and decent range the price is more expensive than the run down asians shops on the main drive but its nice and clean inside and doesn't smell.

This review is for Can Do Book Sales, Westcourt QLD

03 Jul 2014

Not the biggest range of book but definitely the cheapest. Come in to grab a bargain. Great for kids birthday presents. Kids activity and story books from $1

Approximate cost: $1

This review is for The French Kitchen, Castle Hill NSW

26 Oct 2013

They use to have these little curry puffs which were to die for but they got rid of them. :(
large range of party food mainly mass produced frozen things.

This review is for Captain Cook Cruises, Sydney NSW

26 Oct 2013

I think these cruises are fairly overpriced but i found out that if you call last minute. (like a few hours before its due to depart) If there are extra seats available they will give you big discount and even throw in a drinks package.
This tip only helps if your in the city and dont actually need to go on the cruise because if they are full its a no go

This review is for Bush's Fresh Meats, Castle Hill NSW

26 Oct 2013

Quality of meat is good service and price is the same as everywhere else however i am a sucker for a rewards/ loyalty program. So i always spend my $15 even if i dont need that much meat... lol

This review is for Carlingford Fruit World, Carlingford NSW

26 Oct 2013

If you need somthing in bulk they will give you a really good price all you need to do is ask. huge variety of fruit and veg crammed into a small area

This review is for Castle Hill Growers Market, Castle Hill NSW

26 Oct 2013

quality of fruit and vege is really good. I guess it must depend on what day you go in as to what the specials are. there were a few good sales but not many.
Staff were really friendly