Reviews by Yqsymnx

This review is for Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant, Adelaide SA

15 Feb 2018

Still yum. Still some really good street foods
And yes, still the same dingy type derelict corner shop where you don't really want to go inside as it's intimidating, but you want to all the same due to the smells coming out.
Salty chicken fried rice. Congee. Kwey Teo. Some of my favourites at this location

This review is for KY Chow, Adelaide SA

15 Feb 2018

With so much going on in the world, it's easy to forget some nice places. And this one's still here after all these years! It's a testament to the good food they churn out on a daily basis.
Need to come here more often for their fried rice.

This review is for Comida Catering Co, Adelaide SA

15 Feb 2018

Really really tasty food. I just love the massive paella pan always on show. They do yummy tapas but I think it's the breakfast you should strive to come for.
But if you can wait long enough, the paella is worth it.

This review is for Zuma Caffe, Adelaide SA

15 Feb 2018

Always packed out on a Saturday when I come here. And with good reason. The food is still great with a really nice flavoured coffee.

This review is for Mylk Bar, Adelaide SA

15 Feb 2018

Lots of people rave about this place, but went there yesterday for lunch and had the zucchini fritters. They were dead and deep fried and not all that good.
Other people had food that didn't look all that great either, so not sure what the hype is about.
Maybe it was back then, but now it's just your average joe

This review is for BTS Cafe, Adelaide SA

14 Feb 2018

Just buzzing all the time year round. I love to pass by this one and look at all the awesome cupcakes, but hate having to resist the temptation to go inside and grab one... or two... or more... :0p
But their coffee is awesome as are the staff.

This review is for Fox Cafe on Winston, Clarence Gardens SA

14 Feb 2018

He took this cafe from the city and moved it to this location bringing all his staff with him. That's impressive and thus the loyalty shows through excellent customer service.
And that's what you'll get at this fabulous establishment. Come for the coffee and meals, stay for the people. It's fantastic!

This review is for Citi Deli, Adelaide SA

14 Feb 2018

Good this one.
It's well stocked, well lit and appropriately staffed.
Plenty of good food choices inside if you're after the staples

This review is for Bim's Bar, Adelaide SA

14 Feb 2018

It's one of those Japanese Korean fusion type restaurants. They have a really good bimbimbap.
But if you go in there feeling like some sushi, this is quite nice too

This review is for Wurst & Stein Beer Hall, Adelaide SA

13 Feb 2018

Don't walk too quick, you'll miss the doorway!
But you can't miss it given the massive overhead signs. But you would be forgiven for not knowing this was a really vibrant location. The big wooden bar with the vast array of bottles lining the wall is an awesome sight