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This review is for Beger & Co Lawyers, St Peters SA

verified email - 30 Jan 2017

Over the years, we have employed and enjoyed the services and advice of Beger and Co and their team of professionals on a variety of legal matters.

Our first positive introduction and experience with this firm, was through Bree Burns with her detailed work with a unique humanistic touch on concerns of Estate. This was later followed by the clear recommendations and thorough arrangements made by Chris Hamilton, regarding updates to Enduring Power of Attorney and Will documents.

More recently, we have had the absolute pleasure of working with Lorenzo Mazzocchetti on a Contract Law enquiry. From the outset, Lorenzo was extremely engaged and courteous. He has a very methodical situational appraisal approach and a very clear, direct communication style. We appreciate the flexibility, tenacity and commitment he displayed towards providing us the best possible expert advice and outcome. Important professional attributes we have come to value and consider noteworthy about Lorenzo, are his breadth of experience / interests and the wider perspective he offers. This broader insight is supported, no doubt, by his Engineering knowledge and qualifications which enrich his Business / Property Law expertise. Lorenzo is, for us, a totally dependable legal professional !

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