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Farm Fresh Organics

03 Oct 2017
The frangrance when I opened my first box took me straight back to the verge patch. The flavour and freshness of the vegetables are amazing. I have made the best beet soup of my life, from beets that were hard to grate because they were soo fresh - and I had forgotten how tasty fresh beans could be. Highly recommended!
18 Jul 2017
We ordered for the first time last week and I'm so happy we found Farm Fresh Organics!! The produce was so incredibly fresh and delicious, the service from start to finish has been fantastic - I only wish I had ordered more! I was so impressed to receive a call from Shane the day after our delivery arrived to check that we were happy with everything - such personalised an attentive service is so rare these days. The website is so easy to navigate and I love that orders are delivered to me so quickly! My kids devoured so much more fruit and veg than normal because of the quality and flavours - I ordered triple the quantities of many items this time as it all went so quickly. Thank you to Shane and the team at Farm Fresh - I know you will be supplying us with Organic Produce for many years to come!
21 Feb 2017
FFO are champion in every way. The difference in the taste & freshness of their beautiful produce, compared to supermarkets, is staggering! Loving the pretty coloured carrots & exciting new products too: Buchi & PL&V kraut, which we no longer have to haul ass to Northey St markets to get! Awesome times. : ) FFO make organic easy & good value too. Thanks guys. x
12 Oct 2016
All produce was fresh and all items were available - very impressed! I am so happy to find them. Shane the owner is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a long term customer!
12 Apr 2016
Love the products all are great, the fact they are really organic is a big plus for me, way better than supermarkets!
27 Jan 2016
I just had to write to express my thanks for the amazing job you are all doing!!! I can honestly say that I have never tasted food that has so much flavor! It is reminiscent of the flavor of the food in Italy where my husband and I lived for many years. Your produce is well packed, arrives cool and in perfect condition, and is really very good value for the money spent, although what price can you put on your health... Well done and keep up the good work!!! Sharon from Bribie Island
13 Nov 2015
suel923 from Scarborough
I just received my second order. Quality is great. Only I can't comment on the strawberries. My 21 yo son ate the entire punnet before I got home. Yet I've thrown out punnet after punnet of the Supermarket strawberries because no one will eat them. When asked, he said ' Mum, they were so nice they didn't even taste like strawberries, they were delicious.'
21 Aug 2015
brookem604 from Spring Hill
Received my first box today of my selection of fruit and veg. I have been spending my dollars at Coles, woolies, the gourmet fruit and veg stores. Wish I had found these guys sooner. Haven't seen such fresh looking veg and fruit for quite a while!
14 Mar 2015
Absolutely loving Farm Fresh Organics. I have been so impressed with the customer service, quality of produce, presentation of produce, and overall experience. Everything is nearly packed and I can put everything straight into the fridge when it arrives. Love it!
10 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Mount Gravatt East
Excellent quality organic fruit & veg that is very competitive in price. A great selection of grocery items that cuts my trips to supermarket to once a month. AND delivered to my door! I'm in heaven!
06 Nov 2013
tjgloster from Griffin
I have considered buying organic fruit and veggies for a long time but didn't think I could afford it. A friend recommended I try Farm Fresh Organics, and gave me a sample of their produce to try. Boy am I thankful for that! I had never realized how good organic fruit and veggies actually tasted! Yes I understand that they are better for us, but I had not realized the beautiful favours we were missing out on. Ordering was so simple, having it delivered was even more so. It was like Christmas exploring what we received in our box. I was pleasantly surprised at the quantities and quality that filled my fridge and couldn't wait to place my next order (which I did instantly for next week). Thank you Farm Fresh Organics for converting me to this way of eating.
17 Oct 2013
clairem23 from Yeerongpilly
I have now tried a few organic fruit and veg box home delivery services and Farm Fresh has been the best of the bunch. The produce is always really fresh, they allow substitutions in the boxes which means if you get sick of something you can opt for something else. Service is great and it is well worth the small fee for delivery. Also, they are fully organic so you know you are supporting something ethical rather than other companies who do conventional food as well including cage eggs which I would rather not support. I would definitely recommend it for fresh tasty organic fruit and veg.
28 Aug 2013
from Bardon
We have been absolutely delighted with the experience ordering from Fresh Farm Organics. The produce is of exceptional quality and we are amazed at how much better our fruit, veggies and meat taste! Being able to eat quality organic food should be enjoyed by all, it is indeed value for money. Thank you again Shane for providing such a fantastic service. It is always a treat to come home to our delivery and I now actually enjoy unpacking and putting away my groceries!
18 Apr 2013
debw10 from Southside
I have been a customer for about 6 months. I have also had a few issues lately (perhaps due to the recent weather conditions). However, the team here really do strive to correct any problems and will re-credit your account without any hassle (which they have done for me any time there has been a problem). That they do this is a great guarantee of quality.
15 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Brisbane
FFO was great in the beginning, however recently the quality of produce has been little hit and miss, disappointing, particularly given the premium one pays. Perhaps that are getting too popular and taken their eyes off the Q&A. Will continue for now but if the disappointments continue will have to findan alternative.
27 Mar 2013
kasawesty from Strathpine
Have been buying Organic Fruit and Vegetables from these guys for a couple of months now and have rediscovered my love of good fruit and veg. I tend to smell all my produce before I buy it, as, if I can't smell anything, I know I won't taste anything either. It's wonderful to open my box each week and get a noseful of different smells. I've rated them five stars for everything, even value, because although you receive less because organic is a little more expensive, the taste is better and I've found I don't have any leftovers to throw away - everything gets eaten.
26 Mar 2013
kates50 from Mount Warren Park
I just had to write and say a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful produce you delivered. As a first time customer looking for a way of doing my part for my health and the environment, I was so incredibly impressed with your philosophy and passion and the quality and price of the food. I love that you guys are making such a fantastic effort in changing the world and making it a better place for all. I am so please to support your efforts through purchasing your fantastic produce. Keep up the great work! Kindest regards, Kate
08 Mar 2013
sherrysy from Upper Mount Gravatt
I have been ordering with Farm Fresh Organics (FFO) since December 2012 after a long search for a reliable source in Brisbane which offers a wide selection of high quality organic products. For me, the biggest concerns with ordering groceries online are consistency in the quality and service - FFO is hands down superb in delivering both, truly. On the rare occasions that I noticed an item missing from my order, they have responded promptly and resolved everything in a professional manner that really showcased their dedication to their business and how much their customers are valued (thanks Tony for running over those big, beautiful gems of beetroots.) Ordering is so easy (I go with the online method and it takes 5 minutes). They also organizes a weekly "G'day champion of the Earth" personal note in which useful updates about products in season are mentioned. I just love feeding my family with what I know is fresh and wholesome food. Love life, love Farm Fresh! Thumbs up to the wonderful team, thank you guys and please keep it up!
08 Feb 2013
Today I received my first home delivery from Farm Fresh Organics, very impressive! The produce was very fresh and the customer service was outstanding! : )
26 Nov 2012
Anonymous from Nundah
I came home from work on Friday to two eskies full of organic fruit and veg. The quality is exceptional and the value for money is also fantastic.
21 Nov 2012
saholmes from Bardon
When I moved to Brisbane 2.5 years ago I hoped to find an organic home delivery provider that had an excellent range of produce comparable with the provider I had in Sydney. I wasn't sure if there would be one. I needn't have worried because Farm Fresh Organics have been excellent. Quality produce, an expanding product range and awesome customer service. If only all businesses were as great!!
04 Oct 2012
rayr2 from Browns Plains
These guys are dedicated to keeping the customer happy. When the price of bananas went up to ridiculous, they sold them at COST PRICE. On the off chance that something isn't quite right with your order - they want to know and will do what they can to fix the problem. They always ask how we find the service and the answer is always the same - excellent!
02 Oct 2012
Poppy08 from Ormeau
Great value, quality produce and a huge range of grocery items. I recently shopped at an organic grocery chain as a comparison and, for the same price as my weekly Farm Fresh Organics order, got about half the fruit and veg and a fraction of the service (a baby in my arms and still nobody offered to help carry my box of groceries 10 metres to the car.) I love Farm Fresh Organics' home delivery service and the simplicity of online ordering. Thanks to Shane and the team for being passionate about what you do - this is more than just a business - it's about how food should be.
02 Oct 2012
michellef21 from Springwood
I have been buying my weekly groceries for nearly 2 years and the quality is excellent time and time again, I have tried others and the service does not even compare to that provided by Shane and his team at Farm Fresh Organics. Organic eating should not just be a lifestyle choice but a way of life and the benefits are endless not only for the producers and their families but for our health and the environment.
25 Sep 2012
judytr from Highland Park
Great service, excellent quality organic fruit and vegetables, which are fresh, crisp and full of flavour.
07 Aug 2012
leighhope47 from Springfield Lakes
Fantastic customer service, freshest quality organic produce, huge range of organic items - seeds, personal care, etc! And great prices.
05 Aug 2012
laurenm34 from Seven Hills
Best way to buy groceries and everything tastes better and lasts longer! So easy to order & much easier than dealing with the supermarket.
03 Aug 2012
brissiegirl from Wavell Heights
The range is unbelievable. From fruit and veges, dairy products and alternatives, bread, meat, right through to skin care - I even buy my toothpaste and soap here! The food is always fresh and yummy and it's so easy to order online and have it delivered. And they're friendly and reliable.
31 Jul 2012
susanx from Capalaba
veg. are awesome, wide range of other products (bread grains yoghurts etc.) fruit like apples and oranges and kiwi's when in season allways good. love the service! allways in time, kind, yes, really good. you can allways call for special requests. also very informative. yes, they are really a good company!
31 Jul 2012
joannee6 from Park Ridge South
Always on time, always fresh, always great customer service. Each week I can easily exclude products in my set box that I don't require. I like supporting an ethical family based business which is passionate about organic food.
28 Jul 2012
kristinap from Brighton
I love their passion about organic food and it's all fresh and tastes as it's supposed to taste. Thanks to Shane and his team and the farmers who work with Fresh Fram Organics!
27 Jul 2012
grahamm8 from Stafford
Ordering is easy. Delivery driver (Graham) great. Quality of fruit and veg is excellent - so fresh. Dealing by phone great. Have referred my friends. Thanks Farm Fresh Organics
03 Jul 2012
rosieo from Greenslopes
Farm Fresh Organics delivered on their promise - awesomely fresh and delicious organic food delivered to my door without any dramas. Their produce is amazing and they are committed to charitable works which is a big plus for me and my husband.
16 Jun 2012
sandrar9 from Kedron
Excellent service and loved their produce. I had some questions, and they were very patient with me and happy to help.
27 May 2012
Anonymous from Kallangur
Fantastic!!! Very friendly and accommodating. Very quick to respond to requests. I really like how these guys are passionate about the products they sell and do some research about it. They are very happy to talk you through the ordering process and guide you with choosing the products you want. They have a very wide range of products and have listed them with the most local products first. I would reccommend this organisation to everyone who wants to buy organic
14 Mar 2012
robynr8 from Caboolture
I have been using Farm Fresh Organics for years now, after trying other home delivered organic produce and organic produce from markets. The quality and freshness of their produce is outstanding. In my previous experiences with other suppliers, produce never seemed to be delivered very fresh and was always disappointing. Farm Fresh Organics is always very fresh - it makes supermarkets and other suppliers produce seem unedible, so I am now very spoilt and would not go anywhere else. Their service is also outstanding. Over the years, they have been extremely accommodating, very friendly and lovely to deal with and always putting the customer first. You cannot ask for more than that from a business, and for that alone they deserve a reward. We believe our health has improved on organic produce, so it is worth the extra cost, in fact, I believe in the long run it is probably more economical. My son complains now if I buy from the supermarket, and knows the difference! Farm Fresh Organics have always been reasonable in their costs for organic produce. They are a wonderful company and I would be excited to recommend them to anyone.
13 Mar 2012
lorettamm1 from Wynnum
FFO is a fabulous company, providing amazing produce and a service that has never let me down. I used them some years ago and have returned and the quality of fruit and veg is the best I have come across. Is it expensive, I guess a little more so than the supermarkets but there is no comparison in the food. Once you've tried "real organic food" you will never be able to go back to supermarket produce. It is fresh, crisp, so much flavour, I find myself just picking up fresh stuff straight out of the fridge. Shane and Cath provide a wonderful service and their credentials are somewhat of an inspiration. Thank you to every person that helps to ensure that my delivery arrives every week. With each mouthful I feel that I'm doing something really good for my body and the planet.
23 Feb 2012
rebeccac21 from Highgate Hill
I've recently started getting my fruit and vege from Farm Fresh and love the quality and value. I get the mini basic box and it provides just the right amount of basics to get me and my 2 year old through the week.
17 Feb 2012
mandarin from Springfield Lakes
I am very pleased with the very warm and professional customer service that the entire team has provided. We are simply over the moon with the freshness and juicy vegetables and fruits that came from The Farm Fresh Organics. We have been eating organics produce for at least 6 years and although the organic veg & fruits we obtained were tasty and juicy, we found them to be less fresh and look less pretty. When we indicated this to the previous supplier, we were told that as they were organic and natural, the veg and fruits of course look less pretty and do not last as long as the conventional produce. Hence, we were so pleasantly surprised with FFO's vegs & fruits that arrived extremely fresh and good looking. The capsicums, carrots were so crunchy and tasty! I am impressed with the detail that FFO go into, with the many wise sayings imprinted on the colourful notes. We are so grateful to FFO for taking the extra trouble to source the dandelion leaves that were requested & the complimentary drink! We will definitely continue to get our vegs & fruits from OOF and in fact, I could not stopped raving abt OOF to my friends! From the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you for bringing the wonderful produce from Mother Nature!
07 Feb 2012
PamO from Nundah
I always resisted buying organic, because I thought I couldn't afford it. But once I decided to try FFO, and opened my first box, I knew I couldn't buy fruit and vegetables from anywhere else. So fresh and utterly delicious. And lasts for so long. The service is friendly and super-efficient. And not even really that expensive after all! Highly, highly recommend.
11 Jan 2012
Cat7 from Forest Lake
Fantastic range and variety of super fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. Great service and is so easy because it delivers straight to your door. Instead of going to the supermarket, I just order at FFO and its so convenient for me.
10 Jan 2012
karend17 from Sherwood
I have been a customer for a while now. As a single household I only order every 2 weeks or so. Sometimes when I run out I think....OK give the Coles/Woolies organics a try, but when I do I am so disappointed. The products spoil so quickly, it is such a waste of money, time and effort. Using Farm Fresh home delivery is the only way I can be absolutely confident I am getting the freshest goods possible. In future I am going to try harder not to run out, life's too short to eat lousy, denatured food. Thanks Farm Fresh for being there.
27 Nov 2011
elizabethd7 from Annerley
Great variety of fresh vegetables and fruit and groceries . Great service and helpful staff. Often the delivery driver even carries the delivery up stairs to my unit for me
13 Nov 2011
theshaz from Capalaba
The first bite of fruit and vege from FFO took me back to my childhood! Growing up on a farm in rual NZ I was spoilt for choice with fruit and vege straight from the garden, its so good when a carrot actually tastes like a carrot, an apple like an apple etc, I know good food when I taste it....and so do my children. They usually give food the old sniff sniff and they are happy little munchers. Makes my heart sing!! I cant fault anything, great service, fantastic quality & hassle free ordering, prompt delivery. Just love it!!
24 Oct 2011
Anonymous from Brisbane
I received my first delivery last week, and WOW, I am so impressed! I have tried a few other organic home deliveries but so far I am most thrilled with these guys. Everything was so thoughtfully and carefully packed, and the quality of the produce is fantastic. The personal touches such as the little notes were a nice addition too - I've stuck a few of them on my fridge! And the kicker is that just as I was about to unpack my order, I thought to myself that I wished I had a sweet treat beverage to drink as I unpacked them - AND OH MY GOSH - they must be psychic?! A super lovely sweet beverage greeted me upon opening the first box! I was so thrilled. These guys are awesome.
24 Oct 2011
claires14 from Paddington
This service is excellent! It is fantastic value for money. Surprisingly, I overall pay little if not no more than what I normally would for the same amount of non-organic fruit and veg and what Farm Fresh Organics supplies me with is definitely tastier and fresher than supermarkets. I am excited to directly support Australian farmers who are committed to sustainable farming methods and be provided with delicious, pesticide-free food in return! I've noticed that a lot of Farm Fresh Organics' packaged goods are cheaper than other organic stores around Brisbane too. I'm quite shocked at what I now realise is a massive mark-up in stores. For example, a packet of soba noodles I bought from Farm Fresh Organics was $5.25 LESS than the local organic store. Farm Fresh Organics is reasonably priced indeed! I am so happy to support a business that is in keeping with environmental ethos and wants to make sustainable farming available to everyone and not just the very wealthy. One of my favourite parts of this service is that it's delivered right to my door each week so I don't have to fit a weekly grocery shop into my busy schedule. I sincerely can't think of a reason not to shop here!
18 Oct 2011
Jode from Caboolture
The service is great - they go out of their way to look after their customers, and the produce is delicious! I like knowing we are getting food sourced locally wherever possible, too.
12 Oct 2011
silviav from Indooroopilly
This is absolutely the best fresh organic fruit and veggie shop. The quality is amazing, the range of products available is huge and the service is fabulous. Buying here means you support farmers and organics rather than the big supermarkets. And you do not need to spend time driving, shopping etc - win win all around.
27 Sep 2011
LynnEL from Park Ridge
After seeing their phone number on their delivery van at a red light, we started with "Ok, let's give this organic thing a try".... that became "This organic stuff tastes AMAZING!".... to "I LOVE getting my groceries right to my door!".... to "Hmmm, what else can I order from Farm Fresh Organics, so I don't have to shop anywhere else?" My family has been a delighted weekly customer for 2 years, and FFO have never failed to be friendly, professional, super helpful, and attentive. I recommend them totally. Ten out of Ten!
27 Sep 2011
mimig from Acacia Ridge
I am extremely impressed with the quality and the service that Farm Fresh Organics has provided me with. I have been searching for an organic food supplier for quite a few months and stumbled across this small family business. Their produce is always of the highest quality and I can see that they are always trying to provide us with the best price possible! I highly recommend them!
23 Sep 2011
lisetted from Scarborough
I have used FFO for over a year and couldn't be happier with their service. For anyone wanting a convenient, reliable way to get fresh, high quality, great-looking food delivered to your door, this business is the BEST! I get excited when my boxes arrive, always beautifully packed with care and pride. The responsiveness to my needs/feedback is terrific - would highly recommend this business to others.
08 Sep 2011
kims25 from Esk
This Company is excellent ! Their great quality, service and value is consistent each week. Very efficient and with a great range of products to choose from. I am very happy to deal with them, and tell all my friends too.
30 Aug 2011
ianr8 from Manly
Great quality compared to others, they have personally delivered and replaced any food we where not happy with - its what we want when we rely on others to chose food for us.
29 Aug 2011
dianned4 from Brisbane
Love the food and the people. Since shopping here, I've learned a lot about the types of foods I should be eating. I didn't realise just how many chemicals there are even on an apple ! Prices are a little expensive compared to main supermarkets so wouldn't be able to weekly shopping here. But the food is tasty :)
27 Aug 2011
janet15 from New Farm
Regular customer of this company consistently fantastic produce of highest quality. Very reasonable prices compared to other 'organic' and even local excellent fruit or organic shop. We are weekly customers and we have never looked back, convenient, quality and great variety of produce and groceries. Friendly service whenever you need to phone they always go above expectation.
27 Aug 2011
Shaka from Camp Hill
We love Farm Fresh Organics. The quality and service have been fantastic. We are very happy and it is very easy to work through the website to order.
23 Aug 2011
huibren from Springwood
I totally love getting all my organic veggies + fruit delivered at my front door!!! The quality is superb, the colours the most vibrating you can imagine and the taste amazing. Now that I order online, we eat more healthy because we are not tempted going into the shops + I can better plan my menu's.
23 Aug 2011
kyraw from Sunnybank Hills
The range and quality of food that Farm Fresh Organics have is brilliant. I've also been impressed with their customer service. On a number of occasions I have asked for products not on their website and they have managed to source them for me. It really comes across that the owners are passionate about organic produce and the farmers that produce the food.
22 Aug 2011
joyceg1 from Camp Hill
I have been ordering nearly every week (except when I forget) for a few years now and am very happy with the quality and great service Shane and the others give - I fully recommend you trying this service if you are looking for a great organic food delivey.
21 Aug 2011
susanb24 from Bellbowrie
Excellent - this is a business supplying organic fruit, vegetables, meats and other organic goods which deliver straight to my front door and everyone I have talked to and dealt with over the phone or in person is human, straightforward and truly service oriented, as well as being dedicated to supplying the very best organic edibles in quality and price.
21 Aug 2011
alisonb13 from Karana Downs
We use Farm Fresh Organics every week. Excellent service and high quality produce. I am happy to recommend to anyone who wants a good quality organics grocer.
21 Aug 2011
elle4 from Chapel Hill
Having used FFO for a few years now - I have absolutely no reserve in recommending FFO. Great produce /products and excellent service are experienced week in week out...and delivered right to your door!
20 Aug 2011
dee8 from Tamborine Mountain
Great produce, all certified organic, and delivered to the front door! Love the smell, the taste and the good things it does for our health.
19 Aug 2011
merrilynb from Salisbury
Very friendly, and very helpful. Will go out of their way to assist. Great organic fruit and veg, and lots of other products available as well. Great service.
29 Jan 2011
MartinD from Red Hill
By far the best truly organic fresh fruit and veg home delivery service in South-East Queensland. A super-professional attitude, super-reliable and super range. You can save yourself a huge amount of time and hassle because of the huge variety of non-fruit and veg items they also sell. Extremely wide delivery area well out of Brisbane and Ipswich also. You will never have a fruit and veg worry again with them because of their brilliant attitude and willingess to correct any problem, no matter how small (if you ever get any problems that is, which I doubt as they are a world's best practice outfit).
Rocklea, QLD, 4106
Tel: 0731622474

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