Reviews by mumbles

This review is for Jackpot Noodles, Toowong QLD

17 Dec 2010

Quick and cheap, the food here is actually quite good, and there is also a large selection of dishes to choose from.

This review is for Beard Papa Sweets, Brisbane QLD

17 Dec 2010

A good change from the usual dessert fair, this little shop is really quite good! Their puffs which consist of ice cream sandwiched in a pastry wrap are different and really quite tasty!

This review is for Cafe Mi, Sunnybank QLD

17 Dec 2010

A decent place to eat in the plaza, food here is always decent and prices are very reasonable. Not exactly spectacular, but its a good change from food court food.

This review is for Hazel Tea, Redbank Plains QLD

16 Dec 2010

it seems this store is a little out of place, but the quality of the teas here are just as good as any other Hazel Tea shop! Too bad they don't have chocolate pudding though for their teas though!

This review is for Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar, Sydney NSW

11 Dec 2010

One of the best seafood experiences i have ever had! We shared a seafood platter for 2 between 4 of us and still had left overs! The food was good, although a little on the expensive side, but otherwise well worth it!

This review is for EBM Insurance, Eight Mile Plains QLD

11 Dec 2010

probably THE place to go for landlords insurance - these guys offer very competitive policies but is also very comprehensive with what they cover. Haven't had to make a claim yet, fingers crossed that it stays that way.

This review is for Hobbyco, Sydney NSW

11 Dec 2010

The place to be if you are into model building, figurines etc! Prices are decent, but they have a quite a large selection of goods that spans 2 floors! One of the only places I could find that sells Gundam models.

This review is for Kinokuniya, Sydney NSW

11 Dec 2010

Very similar to Borders, this place takes it a step further by offering other bits and pieces as wel, such as stationary, toys and also a large selection of international books, mags and comics! A good place to go if you're after manga, although the prices are quite hefty!

This review is for Gold Coast Gondolas, Main Beach QLD

04 Dec 2010

A unique experience not to be missed! Aside from the slightly hefty price tag, the cruise is well worth it!

This review is for The Coffee Club, Mount Ommaney QLD

04 Dec 2010

Always a great place for lunch or a quick coffee in between shopping. Food is delectable and service is fantastic!