5 reviews about Bursons Auto Parts

01 Jan 2014

have brought many otems from this place very helpful staff and friendly as well top quality parts as well easy to get a park at store also very well priced on there parts also cant go wrong buying from here

Approximate cost: $120

25 Oct 2013

This is by far the best place to buy GOOD QUALITY auto parts. Without fail, every time I have been here, the staff have been attentive and have had what I needed to buy. Easy, pleasant transaction and I am a repeat customer.

14 Oct 2013

Bursons staff are so helpful when I ginto the store and collect items for my partner. I usually have no idea about what the part is or what it is for. My partner will normally ring prior and let them know I'm coming and they will always have everything prepared. I just need to say hi and pay. Good prices, etc too.

12 Sep 2013

Bursons in Bendigo is a one stop shop for all things auto. Whether you need a set of wipers, a muffler, or brakes, they have it all. Their prices are on a par if not better than Supercheap. Their staff appear to be very knowledgeable.

We needed brake pads and a couple of other bits and pieces. We were surprised with how cheap their Bendix brakes were!

12 Jul 2012

Plenty of choices for auto oil parts and polishes. For the auto tradesman theres a plethora of tools regardless of what auto trade you do and they are all good quality

Approximate cost: $35.00

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