Reviews by kathb10

This review is for Graze on Blessington, St Kilda VIC

17 Oct 2013

We had dinner here about a month ago. Their menu is good, food delicious, and desserts to make your mouth water. It's not a cheapy, but that's a location thing.

A really nice, relaxed place for a meal and a chat. Staff are attentive and service is great.

This review is for Melbourne Salsa, Fitzroy VIC

17 Oct 2013

Our latest thing! Salsa dancing. Neither of us had a clue, so we called and booked into a beginners class. It was so much fun! Professional, non-judgemental instructors and just a whole lot of fun.

Better still, it's only $15 a lesson! Bargain!

This review is for Skaterz, Eltham VIC

17 Oct 2013

Love Skaterz! I decided it was time to head back to my second childhood and go skating, thinking you never forget. WELL - I'd like to thank the young man in the fluoro vest for NOT laughing too hard when he came to see if I was ok after I fell in the MOST spectacular fashion. lol.

Really good fun. A lot dearer than when I was a teen, but the enjoyment is worth it!

This review is for Vicroads, Burwood East VIC

17 Oct 2013

Moved to Vic Oct last year and all the dealings we have had with them since have been good. Licence changes, number plate replacements, driving lessons for our daughter. Service is very good, but can get busy at lunchtime!

This review is for Shop A Docket, Eight Mile Plains QLD

17 Oct 2013

I have used shop a dockets for as long as I can remember. My lastest scores? Discounted Subway and discounted airport parking! I am so addicted I even pick up discarded receipts and check the dockets on THOSE! lol

This review is for Melbourne Airport Long Term Car Park, Tullamarine VIC

17 Oct 2013

We will be using them for the second time in December. We were very happy with the service they provided in January when we used them last, so have already booked out car in with them for the month we will be in Hawaii.

Buses are frequent and they are very good about meeting your flights.

The longer you book the more you save, so if you're doing a couple of weeks or more away, this is the best value!

This review is for, Melbourne VIC

17 Oct 2013

Not a bad site if you're hunting for bargains. I joined about a year ago and have only purchased once, but that's because I haven't been after anything they have been selling - no other reason. It's worth a look.

This review is for Melbourne Memorials, Springvale VIC

17 Oct 2013

We used them for my Pa's headstone. Service was good and we were happy with their work. Staff were nice and understanding. No complaints from us. They did what we asked them to do.

This review is for Bucket & Spades For Kids, Brighton VIC

17 Oct 2013

Brighton is THE place to buy EVERYTHING, and Buckets & Spades is THE place to buy kids clothing. Amazing array of stunning outfits (with the Brighton price tag) for your littlies. I took my second cousin here - she's 5 - and let her pick an outfit. The result was a beautiful pink dress and she looked just like a princess!

This review is for Ibis Hotel, Brisbane QLD

17 Oct 2013

Ibis has small rooms, cheap furnishings and a cheap nightly rate. If you're just looking for somewhere to crash, you'll be fine. We used it as a 'home base' whilst visiting friends and relatives.

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