6 reviews about Cafe Navona

25 Sep 2012

I really enjoyed my experience at this cafe... so much so that I am reviewing it using their free wifi! Great service, good old fashioned food and great decor. I felt really comfortable just sitting and enjoying a coffee & cake. It seems like they have lots of regulars too.. I like a place with that kind of vibe!

Approximate cost: $12

24 Sep 2012

I love the renovation! The cafe is so fresh now and the coffee is great... the best in the centre.
I had never been tempted in before, it seemed uninviting but since the new update I'm grabbing a coffee here every time I'm in Knox, even if I only have time for a take away. I should have tried your coffee years ago! Great job guys!

31 Jul 2012

WOW, WOW, WOW! Navona has been completely revamped and is modern and quite trendy. It now offers free WIFI which works easily and well, still the same great service and a quiet place to sit. .........What follows was my original review: Good old fashioned style cafe food and I like the fact that Navona is connected to the food court but has its own quiet interior space. The thing we have been most impressed with is the service. The lass who works on the weekends is totally tuned into who has arrived, how long they have been waiting and what they may need. The less favorable comments about service in the other posts surprised me. Maybe it's different on weekdays.

sandrar6 31 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the interesting review.

SClaire 22 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

How sad that it looks like Kofe Run has closed down. Fingers crossed that it is just moving to another location in the centre.

07 Aug 2011

I was impressed with this cafe. I order tortellini cabornara, it was the nicest i have ever had. This being one of my favourite dishes, i have had this numerous times at various restaurants and this topped the lot!! . I would highly recommend this cafe. Only thing was the guy who cleared the tables (maybe owner) didn't have good people skills.

Approximate cost: $14.00

21 Aug 2010

Food quality okay, service definitely lacking. Staff from management to waiting staff give the impression they are there against their will. Will avoid in future - plenty to choose from at Knox.

12 Jun 2010

Lucky the food tastes okay because the service is far from with a smile! And not just from people that you think would be workers! The guy that served us looked like he owned the joint. I was always taught to smile and politely respond when someone says thanks. And must be filtered down through the workers because the girl that took our money was no better! Been there more than once too.

Approximate cost: $7

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