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181 reviews about Lonely Pets Club

17 Jun 2016

I have used LPC on a regular basis for a few years now. My carer Ester is fabulous. She always keeps in touch advising on how my boys (2 Burmese cats) are travelling. My boys can be quite fussy but always appear happy and contented when I return home (I suspect they get lots and lots of cuddles while I am away).

I travel at different times of the year - winter and summer - and nothing is too much trouble, from putting the air conditioning on if the weather is extra hot to watering plants if required.

I am always recommending LPC to my friends and acquaintances - they are a Godsend (and extremely competitive with their pricing).

25 Apr 2017

Fantastic. My cats were happy when we got home instead of being really annoyed . You could tell their carer was very used to animals. First time used but won't be the last.

15 Apr 2017

I have been using Lonely Pets for 2 years now and my carer, Antoinette, has been entirely reliable and extremely caring. When I have to work long hours it is great to know that my dog is being visited, walked and loved.

21 Mar 2017

We use Lonely Pets on a regular basis. Morven our chief carer is amazing. Our two cats can be quite timid with new people bur she has a way with them. Could be the fact that she feeds them but they always appear happy and well cared for in our absence. We get updates via text every day to say they are both AOK. I highly recommend both Lonely Pets and Morven. I know our boys are in safe hands. Mark and Ben Kensington

26 Jan 2017

After a month away on holidays to come home and have my 11 1/2 year old Ridgeback happy and healthy, I highly recommend Lonely Pets Club especially Corina who looked after him. Thank you.

18 Nov 2016

It is the company and the staffs duty of care towards my dog when they are under their supervision.
No details of the other dog were taken when she was bitten. I don't know what diseases the other dog who bit boo has/had. ether the other dogs shots and vaccination are unto date. Nor was boo taken or suggested to be taken to the vet. even though it is clearly outlined in the companies terms and condition.

Approximate cost: $110

Lonely Pets Club 29 Nov 2016

Hi Sid, your dog received a superficial scratch when it instigated a fight with another dog whilst on a dog walk. Unfortunately sometimes when walking dogs in a city, things can happen (other dogs / cats / sirens) that can cause harm to both pets and Pet Carers alike. This incident in no way suggests that Boo did not receive all the love, care and attention that he received on the 110 other occasions you were happy for us to walk him. We called the vet clinic to check up on Boo and he is fine. We also covered the vet bill. A full coverage of facebook communication on this issue can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/LonelyPetsClub/posts/10154775397838675

25 Oct 2016

My family were facing a stressful time with hospitalization, holidays etc... and it was such a comfort to have our lovely dog cared for daily by an incredibly kind and caring person, Sylvia. I recommend Lonely Pets, the process was easy to navigate and the level of service was brilliant. Sylvia sent a couple of reassuring photos and texts while I was away, much appreciated.
I thought the cost was reasonable and fair. Very happy with the service we received.

19 Oct 2016

So happy with Bev, I got the Puppy package as I work long hours and was extremely anxious leaving my 11 week old puppy alone.
She text me when she left him and told me he was fine and I felt so much better knowing he had been checked on.
Booking was really easy and it's not over priced by any means.

Approximate cost: $24.0

13 Oct 2016

Im so happy with my first experience, and my rabbit has made a new friend! Now I can plan trips without the stress.

10 Oct 2016

Very good service for our elderly greyhound. Much more comfy at home. He enjoyed his short walks. Will use this service again

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