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30 Nov 2016

I left Maddern Financial after 4 years of getting conflicting advice and finding their directors to be unprofessional and money hungry. They talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Ask too many questions and I soon found out how unacceptable that was. Giving feedback was an issue that resulted in a hostile and personally disparaging onslaught.

In my most recent correspondence I enquired of their accountants why I incurred a $500 fee for an overdue tax return and asked for it be waived as it was their late preparation which was the source. They told me to get my new accountant to sort it out! Really – pay someone who is not connected to the problem to sort out a fee created by my ex-accountant ....?

With a NFP charity that I run they had again taken ages to do the financial statement, were paid promptly and weeks later we discovered that the ATO had not received our BAS statement to refund our GST to benefit the community. On contacting Maddern’s to enquire about the charity's GST which had not been refunded, the response was again curt and unhelpful, 'ask your new accountants' and when pushing for an answer got "you are very rude here and totally out of line. I would suggest that as a charity provider, you act in a more charitable way." I can only assume they wanted me to be charitable to her by not asking any more questions...?!

Multiple time wasting correspondences later, they threatened to send another invoice if I asked anything more about checking into the problem! I stood my ground as trustee for the charity and finally they admitted that they had lost my signed authority and never lodged the BAS. No apology and a curt email saying 'send us a copy of our files' - they hadn't even kept copies. What a mess. Lots more negative experiences that beggars belief. Thank goodness we're out of there.

There are many better options available where you will get really professional and transparent financial advisers - steer clear of Maddern’s.

30 Dec 2014

I have recently moved my accounting to Maddern Financial, having been with a Sydney based accountant for many years. I chose Maddern Accountants by their reputation and after careful reading and research of their website.

Approximate cost: $TBA

15 May 2014

I became a client of Maddern Financial in 2014 for my SMSF. Very satisfied with everything so far especially the tax advice and high quality of client service. I will have to waite and see if the investment return of my SMSF meets its objective before I can comment on the financial advice of the firm and decide if it justifies the fees, which are a bit high. Overall, I am quite happy with this firm.

03 May 2014

Established our SMSF with the assistance and guidance of Maddern Financial Advisers Pty Ltd and found the experience a pleasant and informative, along with the regular information night which has kept us well informed of event in the industry.

25 Apr 2014

I have been a client of Maddern Financial Advisers since 2007. My family is now miles ahead in terms of growing a healthy SMSF and always maximizing our tax returns. Being 100% independent, Maddern Private Wealth and Maddern Accountants work with our interests front and centre; without exception. I am always treated as though I am a very important client and would describe their services as exemplary.

18 Apr 2014

Always treated as a valued client and accounting, impressive. We are so far ahead in our retirement planning than if we had stayed where we were. SMSF set up, the best advice we have had.

03 Apr 2014

We constantly get our EOFN completed by Maddern and it is always professional and on the quoted fee. We also have gained excellent insight into better ways to conduct business. Thank you!

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