11 reviews about Sharky's Restaurant Mandurah

12 Mar 2016

Fish & Chips to die for. For $20 your plate is filled with beautiful crispy battered fish, a pile of chips and nice fresh green salad.
very picturesque outlook onto the Mandurah Marina. Would definitely recommend!

Approximate cost: $20

20 Jan 2016

I came here with my father for lunch whilst we were on a family holiday. The food was fantastic. I ordered the steak sandwich and my dad had the fish and chips, and both meals were cooked to perfection.
My only criticism is that the aircon wasn't great for a restaurant near the beach. But the view of the water and the lovely customer service more than made up for that.

02 Nov 2015

The 300gram steak, chips and salad was cooked just the way i liked it. Actually all the meals we ordered were just as we asked.
yes they were a little pricey but i was happy to spend it as its quality food.

Approximate cost: $40

28 Oct 2015

Last night my Family & I went out for dinner at this restaurant and found it to be very open and a comfortable setting. The Food that came out was served on huge plates and the family couldn't eat their whole meals, but they totally enjoyed the meals they tasted lovely & very fresh. We had the Battered Cod, Porterhouse steak and a seafood pasta.

Approximate cost: $35

19 Sep 2015

Will never go to this place again. The staff were very rude and the food was expensive and average in quality. The man behind the bar acted as if he was doing me a favour by serving me - he kept me waiting at the bar while my food went cold (and there were only a handful of people there - hardly a full house!). When he did finally serve me he was obnoxious and tried to tell me firstly that my card didn't have paypal when it did, and then when I asked him about the sparkling wine they had he asked me to read the menu.

When the sparkling wine arrived, the glass had lipstick on it and I had to take it back to the bar (waited for a while of course while Mr bartender did nothing then decided to attend to me).

We spent well over 100 dollars for what is essentially fish and chips and when my pregnant wife asked for some tomato sauce, she was pointed in the direction towards the fridge (after spending over 100 you are still required to spend for a bit of sauce...something you would get free with a burger).

We sat outside and as it was sunny we raised the umbrellas. These were left up for a while but then the same bartender came and lowered them stating that the wind had picked up (it didn't - it actually reduced) - so rather than allow up to finish our meal we sat in the sun in our faces. He was also very rude when lowering the umbrellas.

Rude rude rude is how i would describe this place. You get more smiles at a simple burger joint.

If you are seeking average overpriced food with rude staff then this place is for you.

05 Apr 2014

Lovely customer service, the staff are very friendly.
The food wasnt too bad either and most of the menu items were competitively priced.
Plenty of seating and a good location. I highly reccomrnd visiting Sharky's.

19 Aug 2013

Located in the Mandurah Marina it's a lovely restaurant with good prices and lovely service. Food is also very nice. Just a walk away from the Mandurah foreshore. recommended :)

Retiredgirl 19 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Agree....Sharkys is our preferred Fish and chip venue on the Marina. Very good value for money indeed.

14 Aug 2013

Fresh food, tasty meals and lovely service. Located in the mandurah marina just a short walk from the mandurah foreshore, this is the perfect spot on a summers day for lunch at the beach.

10 Aug 2013

Being a seafood lover I was so happy when we found this restaurant its fresh seafood is always available and the staff are very polite. Take away Prices are great too.

24 Apr 2011

best place to eat in mandurah . Huge meals, main dish does 2 people easy.

Approximate cost: $25.00

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