18 reviews about The Swiss Bakehouse

02 Aug 2016

Great bakery, with a lovely range of bread and cakes at an affordable cost. Nice place if you need something on the go.

221 reviews · 90% trust · 22110 points
31 Mar 2016

Very good little bakery with excellent range of breads, cakes and pies, I particularly recommend the Mafia pie. European style sweet treats like poppy-seed pastries and almond crescents

15 Mar 2016

The owners are really realy really nice. I would recommend friends to try it out anytime. food is good

28 Nov 2015

Nice bakery to go to because it's authentic and lovely staff there. Not many tables but good for a stop by snack!

ruthphun 15 Mar 2016 · 100% Trust


lukek670 24 Mar 2016 · 100% Trust

I agree

#58 in Warrandyte South VIC
174 reviews · 60% trust · 13830 points
28 Nov 2015

not just an average bakery, many traditional style goods. Can get busy and owners are very kind and welcoming.

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04 May 2015

This is an absolutely amazing bakery and their cakes are to die for. The amount of effort put into the designs are outstanding. They make a well put together coffee and a milkshake .

#2 in Glen Waverley VIC
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03 May 2015

I love the swiss bakehouse and go there very often in the morning. They have the most amazing cakes and small goodies, they also have some really delicious milkshakes and ice chocolates. The women who work there greet me and my friends every time and they are always happy and start a conversation.

#58 in Warrandyte South VIC
174 reviews · 60% trust · 13830 points
01 May 2015

Small bakehouse but is amazing for the European style cakes, biscuits etc. The staff are very helpful and have a wide range of breads, they also sell pies and sausage rolls. The sweets are really good and this is a go to place for sweets and cakes.

25 May 2014

It is a small bakery and the service is ok. The pies and other pastries are very nice and affordable. They only have about 4 tables so I would recommend taking it home to eat.

#58 in Warrandyte South VIC
174 reviews · 60% trust · 13830 points
13 May 2014

I have only been there twice and there were many customers. I did enjoy the experience but it was just like your usual bakery. The prices are not to bad but I do like the hats that they wear. They have really nice meat pies to eat.

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