6 reviews about Yots Hairdressers

07 Sep 2013

My mum and i use this hairdressing salon often as it is not far from us. It is always clean and the staff are always on the ball no exactly how to do our hair. Always friendly and helpful. They always offer you a drink or coffee. Good products and good hairdressers. Although must say a little expensive but youre paying for a nice hair do it evens out of course its the area u also pay for.

13 Feb 2013

I have been getting my hair done at Yots for about a year now and they are really professional and friendly. I am blonde and the colour is always done so nicely. I have visited a fair few hairdressers over the years trying to get the blonde right and finally I have found one! They even have a menu of different types of blondes that you like so that they can choose the right toner.

I really believe that with hair you get what you pay for and while this place is a little expensive (no more than, say, Hair Machine!), the cut lasts longer and I leave looking nicer!! :)

Thanks guys.

Approximate cost: $250

joey22 13 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Its always hard to find a rally good hairdresser

28 Jan 2013

I really loved loved the dye that the male hairdresser did. It was exactly what I asked for, and he was funny, friendly and really took his time. Although the service was a little expensive, it was worth it.

But the cut was a bit average. I was handed over to a female hairdresser who was a bit grumpy and bored, my guess. She styled my hair into a hilarious, newsreader-y cut and style that I kind of hated.

When the cut grew out a little and I re-snipped my fringe, it looked great and the colour was so awesome. I would definitely go to this salon again, but I'd be a bit more picky about who I saw. Some of the other cuts that customers were getting looked gorgeous and the calibre of stylists was high. Definitely worth it.

Approximate cost: $320 (bleach, dye and cut!)

01 Dec 2011

My friend from work recommended Yots to me after I had a couple of bad hair cuts and I am really happy that she did. The atmosphere was really positive inside the salon. The girls who did my hair were friendly and helpful, and my haircut looks great.
The coffee was surprisingly excellent and i left feeling very pampered. The girls also talked to me about what products i should use to style my hair afterwards, which was really helpful. Will definitely be going back.

02 Jan 2011

I have been a customer at this salon for many years. Wonderful ambiance, pleasant well trained staff, great styling and the experience...well I just keep going back!!!
Chloe Eastwood.

26 Oct 2009

The first time I went here I was 17 years old! They have been around a long time because they are excellent at what they do. Prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly and pleasant.

Approximate cost: $80

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