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12 reviews about Aesthete Hair Salon

23 Mar 2018

Great staff and they provide a great service , so happy with my results....great value for money, I will be back.....

22 Mar 2018

I have never been to a hairdresser (and I've been to many) that sincerely cares about the state of my hair and doing the best job possible with the best outcome.
I came into Aesthete with dry, frizzy hair. After many months of following Bill's 'therapy' on my hair, and following his advice, my hair is now healthy and well conditioned.
Bill recently cut my hair and I can honestly say that it is the best haircut I have ever received!
I love the natural products Bill uses to colour my hair.
I highly recommend this hair salon!

21 Mar 2018

If you love your hair don’t go there...I bought a Latino Keratin treatment from groupon and I end up with something else on my hair that made them extremely dry and weak.I did this treatment from Pierre Haddad 3 times and I know how is the texture and the outcome (which is amazing). He put a foaming product on my hair assuming he was using the Guava Latino Keratin treatment. He did not brush my hair and used a highly damaged applicator brush to apply the product.
When he let the product set, I had a look to what product he used the lisse design express from alfaparf. So I told him that I know how is the Latino keratin treatment and the product he just put on my hair is not it, plus the bottle is not even from the brand. After a short conversation he finally told me that he thought that my ends were too damaged to apply the Latino, and he did a charcoal treatment from the Guava instead (which is certainly a lie again because the charcoal treatment is not a foaming product). Without my consent and without letting me know was he was going to do. I was unhappy and he finally applying the Latino on my roots (who knows what he really put on my hair). The excuse that my ends are “too damaged to apply the latino” is FALSE, my hair had no split ends and all he had to do is maybe put a conditioner after the shampoos?!
Other things about this bad experience:
- fingers smelling like cigarette, because he goes smoke
- disappear when his assistant finished his work so I did not see him at the end.
- the latino Keratin treatment is for to help damaged hair and for colored hair, it has never made my hair broken or dry but this time I had something else on my hair and they are very DRY.

Approximate cost: $89

brt.leila i am sorry you had a bad experience with us! my mistake for consulting prier to your application thank you for your feed back. As i said Your Hair has been Bleached and tinted in a very short space of time and from my professional experience Latino would have made it much worse for over processed hair. At the roots/mid yes your hair can handle Latino if your hair is dry mid to ends. As i suggested using OLAPLEX to repair the bleached damage to your hair then use the PH Charcoal shampoo / conditioner I am more than happy to give you a full Latino service at your own risk for FREE

23 Feb 2016

One of the best hairdressers in Sydney.
Listens to what you want.
Great athmosphere in the salon,
Overall a great experience.
Always recommend.

05 Dec 2015

Bill has been cutting my hair for years. good service and professional advice. I highly recommend it.

23 Nov 2015

This salon is so welcoming with a great vibe. Bill does the best precision cut and a fabulous colour. Absolutely love the products that are used here, having been to many salons in the area I cant recommend Aesthete Hair salon enough!

22 Nov 2015

Bill goes a step beyond most hairdressers in listening to what you want, making great suggestions and the end results is fantastic! I've gotten heaps of positive comments every time I get my hair done by him, Can't recommend Bill and his staff enough. Wouldn't go anywhere else!! and I LOVE the great energy and vibe in the salon!:)

Approximate cost: $60

21 Nov 2015

I have to say Bill is the best hairdresser in Bondi - I have been to so many hairdressers but have never found one as good as him. He is a perfectionist with hair and knows exactly what works!! he takes his time and care to finish with an amazing haircut and blowdry. Since getting a haircut with Bill I have had endless compliments and people are noticing that my hair now has style. honestly cannot say enough good things about this place - The service is first class and they certainly do not take short cuts with haircuts or any of their other services!! THANKS Bill!!I will be spreading the word!

14 Nov 2015

I would recommend Aesthete without hesitation. Bill is an experienced hairdresser who can create the look that your seeking.
A very satisfied customer!

14 Nov 2015

When I went to aesthete hair all the staff there were extremely warm, welcoming and professional. I have struggles with trusting hair dressers because usually when I ask for something to be done a specific way I get the oppiset. In this case, I was so amazed because I got exactly what I asked for and more. I now visit the salon on a regular basis and I would NEVER go anywhere else. The best salon I've EVER visited!!!! Thank you for your rare and positive services!!!!

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